Birthday gift to Myself, Help me decide!!!!

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  1. This weekend I am going to treat myself for my birthday to a Damier Canvas Speedy 30 or Mono Canvas Speedy 30. Which canvas do you guys prefer??
  2. I prefer mono!
  3. Mono!
  4. Mono, and happy birthday! :balloon: :flowers:
  5. I prefer mono too! Happy Birthday!
  6. I prefer the Mono Canvas. Happy Birthday! :balloon:
  7. Damier
  8. Mono!
  9. Monogram
  10. you must have a mono first...the staple piece!
    Happy birthday!!!! :flowers:
  11. I prefer the mono!:smile:
  12. Mono!
  13. Mono for sure! Happy birthday. :party: :dothewave:
  14. I like Monogram Canvas more.
  15. get the mono... you'll love it. happy birthday!!!