Birthday gift REVEAL

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  1. Hi, all

    For my 27th birthday, My hubby asked me to buy anything I want from the Galleria, in Houston, TX

    Among my gifts, comes this long time waited crush!

    It is the 'Green python one and only 1970' ... I couldn't believe it when they told me there's actually one left, in Miami, coz it was sold out world wide (at least it never showed up in Dubai, my home town, as it was already soldout before even arriving to the shops)

    Anyways, this particular last piece was shipped to me :heart: With it, I went for these beautiful shoes! Don't know what they're called, but they have mirrored golden heels, and a tiger head ..They matched my bag just perfectly :hear:

    Will leave with with the pictures :queen:
    IMG_0172.jpg IMG_0171.jpg
  2. Devine......nice birthday haul from hubby...mine too allows me to choose from designer stuff....big smile...
  3. ok, here's how my whole gift looked like at the end of shopping :biggrin:

    Everything was fro the Galleria :heart: except the exquisite 'ANTIPREMA' Hello Kitty wire bag, that I've ordered from Italy!
  4. Stunning gift! Happy Birthday! :smile:
  5. I think you hit the Texan jack-pot there Darinchic :tup: and I love your Tigre shoes too.

    Congratulations on everything, you are going to look WOW ;)
  6. Nice gifts :smile: very pretty. I also like the multicolored bag too (reed krakoff?)
  7. Wow!
  8. Nice gifts! Happy Birthday!
  9. Amazing! Beautiful gifts, Happy Birthday! :smile:
  10. This is a great haul! The python is stunning! Enjoy in good health!:tup::smile:
  11. yes it is :heart:
  12. Enjoy all your wonderful gifts and have a wonderful birthday...
  13. Congrats! I also love the Hello Kitty bag.
  14. Wow! You got awesome gifts! The Gucci 1970 in python looks wonderful and the Hello Kitty bag is so special and cool! You are very lucky. Enjoy your gifts!!!
  15. Aww! Congrats to you! I was eyeing on that but the price wasnt cooperating with me! I especially love the hello kitty :love: happy burthdayy!