Birthday gift ideas please!

  1. You all were such a great help last year (my son loved getting his own MP3 player!), that I thought I would try again.

    My younger son will turn 7 in a couple of weeks and i honestly have no clue what to get him. He hasn't asked for anything-and he does have tons of things.

    He is very into video games-but, we bought him a lot of those last year for Christmas. I know my 2 SIL's will be buying him books (they already told me-they always buy what they feel like buying-they never ask what he would like or what he needs).

    Ok-hoping someone out there has another brilliant idea for me! :biggrin:
  2. Is he into Legos? They also have these Lego action figures that seem to be a big hit with kids that age... umm, I think they're called Bionics or something but you can't miss them if you're in a toy store.

    Depending on how much you want to spend, you may want to treat him to a day with a few friends... like rollerskating then pizza or something like that!
  3. If you feel he already has a lot of "stuff," you should do an event with friends or take him on a special trip. I'm sure he will find an experience much more thrilling if he already has a bunch of playthings.
  4. For his birthday party this year-we are taking him and a group of his friends to the movies and then for pizza and cake. but, I consider that his birthday party. Maybe that should be his gift too? I don't know..................
  5. If he's not a picky kid, maybe you could disguise something practical as a gift. Like, some cool t-shirts or whatever... I had a boyfriend who lacked for nothing and so his parents used to give him packages of cheap Gold Toe socks for Christmas and he loved it.
  6. Oh man Denise!! I thought you were trying to figure out what to get me!!!;):nogood:

    You know I have the same problem as you w/ my kids.
  7. No honey-for you I go straight to the liquor store!