Birthday gift help for my friend........PLEASE HELP ME!!

  1. Ok so my friends birthday is coming up soon and I have no idea what to get her and I DESPERATELY need some help. We have only been friends since about September so I really have no idea what she'd like. Also she has ALOT more money than me so I don't want to get her something she might think is lame but then again, I can't afford alot. So here are some ideas I came up with and wanted to see what you all thought about it.

    1. I know she is going for a mani/pedi on her bday, so I thought of just going in early before her appt and paying for it $36 + tip
    2. We are going to dinner that night, I could pay for her but I'm sure it's gonna be super expensive cuz we're going somewhere nice - so that may not be entirely possible (approx $50++)
    3. I found this really cute bracelet and thought she'd like it: it's by Brighton $40 + tax

    So what do you think?? And also what do you guys think is a good price point on a present?? I asked my sis and she thought anything over $30 was too I'm confuzzled.
  2. How about a mani pedi certificate for her next visit?

    Treating her out to dinner would be nice. I dont think its too much, or too little.
  3. You know I like the going in ahead and paying for it - you could give the front desk person a card to give to her from you too. Maybe you can include a little goody basket - a few chocolates, a nice bottle of nail polish, or a card for starbucks so she can get herself something yummy to drink while she's getting all glamoured up. HTH!
  4. I agree. Love the idea of leaving a card for her!
  5. OOohh..agreed!!!!
  6. ok I was thinking #1 was a great idea but then I was also thinking that it's always nice to have something to actually open on your birthday, KWIM??

    so then that brings me back to square one!
  7. :heart: the idea from dusty paws! I know I would be so excited that not only did my friend think enough to go to the salon ahead of time, but she also put together a little basket for me. Money aside, the fact that someone went out of their way to do that kind of thing for me would really make me feel special.