Birthday gift from my friend for my Chloe bags...

  1. So my friend asked what I wanted for my birthday and the only thing I could think of was a nice purse charm to hang on my Chloes (the look of a scarf didn't jive with me) look at what she made for me from the ground up......:love::love::love:

    I hope I get my new quilted bay tomorrow so I can hang it on it!
    DSC02664.JPG DSC02665.JPG DSC02667.JPG
  2. I love the new purse charm!:love: Your friend should sell them if she isn't already!
  3. Actually, this was her and my first time doing something like this. We went to the bead store and put it together but it took a good hour and a half and cost $40.
    So I am not sure how much people are willing to pay for something like this, but it ain't cheap!!!
  4. that's really sweet of her! great gift idea!
  5. Beautiful!! Happy Birthday...
  6. I love the charm:heart:. I would say that looks even better than some of the designer charms that cost over $200! Happy B-Day!
  7. Happy Birthday Mona....and the charm looks great!!!! ENJOY!
  8. It looks fabulous on your Red Edith:heart:. I like the way you incorported vermillion shades with some blues. Also, it'll look great on your new Bay. My middle sister is a beading gal. I should show her this and but her to work??? Hummmm I too have a birthday coming up????????
  9. Thanks for the nice words and the birthday wishes gals....
    Susieserb, you are a fellow Libran! when's your bday?

  10. LOL No my birthday is at the end of November, but my middle sister (the one I'm going to persuade to employ her beading skills) is a Libra. As a matter of fact Divnanata and I are chipping in to buy her an 18K gold charm for her ever growim charm bracelet. It's a Libra symbol!:graucho:
  11. Happy Birthday Mona! I'm a fellow libran!:yes: My b-day is on the 21st.
  12. Me too! My b-day was the 25th! :yes:
  13. All these Librans...go figure, its part of our feature to have good and expensive taste!
  14. The charms are gorgeous on your Edith. I think I need an Edith - a red one - from my two charming sisters for MY birthday which isn't until April. They have lots of time to save!!!

  15. :shocked::shocked::shocked::shocked: