Birthday gift from my 5 year old

  1. As a Halloween birthday girl one expects some orange boxes:graucho: and I was not disappointed! My 5 year daughter:love: spontaneously asked my hubby to take her to Hermes to 'find Mommy a pressie'! Here is what she came back with, what a star!! Does anyone know what this one is called etc?
    a1.jpg a2.jpg a4.jpg a3.jpg
  2. Congrats, Rose! What a sweet girl to think about her mommy's love of orange! Happy, happy birthday...
  3. you have trained your daughter very well!! haha congrats! and happy birthday!
  4. ROSE!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I just love your new plisse and scarf ring. Plisse scarves are wonderful because no matter what you do with them, they look GREAT! Perfect for someone like me who is completely scarf-tying-intolerant....I love those colors, too.

    What a wonderful child you have! (And DH too.....)
  5. Happy Birthday Rose! That is the sweetest story ever-and now has given me hope that one day too DD will be prompting DH like that--right now she seems to be on the opposite end of the spectrum-whining as soon as I wheel her into any store! Congrats on an absolutely gorgeous scarf and scarf ring and on having such a sweet DD.
  6. only five and she already knows what she's doing! belated happy birthday rose!
  7. how sweet!

    (i think that scarf is called pluie d'entincelles.)

    happy b-day!
  8. your dd have good taste. she must have got it from you:yes:
  9. Thank you ladies:flowers: . The worrying thing is that she is hinting at a twilly for her christmas present:shrugs: .

    DQ: Thanks for that! Do you know when it was designed and who by?
  10. My 14 year old DD still whines when she is forced to go shopping ( which is not very often!). Two very different daughters, but delightful in their own special ways.
  11. ^^ nope, that would be a job for HG, the hermes super-geek, i mean
    guru! maybe it was in the year that they did the shooting-star cadena?
  12. Congratulations, Rose! Your daughter has good taste! Getting her started young on the Hermes habit, I see.
  13. Hey, I read that!!!

    The artist is Wlodizmierz Kaminski, 2005.
  14. ooooh Pretty!!!! Congrats!!!:yahoo:
  15. I love the plisse scarves! And that one is a beauty!