Birthday gift for myself - what would you suggest?

  1. I am looking to buy myself a classic LV bag for a big birthday that is coming up. Not going to do a poll, but would love to hear which classic LV bag you all would you suggest? I have five speedies (mono, damier, dentelle silver, mirage noir, and blue neo) as well as 4-5 other LV bags. TIA!
  2. Mono or Damier Alma. I love the Mono Alma.
  3. i would wait for the S/S2008 collection...since u already gave a few bags
  4. classic to me personally will be noe (regular or petit), alma, papillon or soufflot, lockit (especially suhali :drool:), bucket (but it seems to be less popular nowadays .. i still like it though!) and of course the multiple speedies that u already owned :biggrin:. get the suhali lockit to make a big one!
  5. Damier Alma - Gorgeous!
  6. I love the Suhali lockit! It's gorgeous!!!!
  7. Alma!!
  8. I've been thinking of a black epi alma but don't like the way the silver zipper looks on the bag (on me). Now considering the black epi speedy 30...
  9. black epi passy pm =) its so chic!
    or black/ivorie montaigne bowling pm
    suhali lockit pm in verone, ivorie or black

    those are my picks, good luck!
  10. What about a epi locket in black?
  11. I agree, my choice of a classic bag would be the Noe.

    What size would depend on what you want to use it for.

    I love the 'classic' bags.
  12. Big Birthday + classic = sounds like a Suhali Le Fabuleux!
  13. passy or petit noe!
  14. jasmin
  15. i would suggest a mono backpack.