Birthday gift for DH... help!

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  1. Hello Everyone,

    I'm on a mission to find my DH the perfect bag for work, traveling, etc... I was looking into getting him the Sac a Depeche.. what do you guys think? Has anyone seen the bag in the UK recently and what its price?

    Thanks in advance :smile:
  2. It's a great bag for work as it's a briefcase. For travelling and work, you may want to consider getting a messenger bag like the Steve so that he can slung it on his shoulders. Sac a Depeches can only be hand-held.
  3. ^^I agree! Another hand held option would be Valparaiso MM
  4. good news bag:smile: i love the versatility of it
  5. Why not consider a 40 cm Birkin? :smile:
  6. I use a black 40cm daily as my main bag for work. Can get a bit heavy if I don't watch out what I put in it.

    And I get some occasional jealous but nice comments and even more jealous looks.... :smile:
  7. I think a 40 birkin will be too heavy he would prefer something lighter weight and a bit more flat like a briefcase or a messenger bag... thanks all for your feedback.. but has anyone seen the price of the Sac a depeche recently?

    thanks again
  8. any pics? please?