Birthday gift for DD's first birthday

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  1. DD is 9 months and I am thinking of birthday gifts for her already.. I was thinking of buying her a diamond every year.. About .30ct and when she turns 18 or gets married (I haven't quite decided when) then we can use the stones to make it into a bracelet and we can pick out the style together.

    DH wants to buy a 0.50ct every year, but I think it might be too large.. Taken into consideration if she grows up to be around my size, her bracelet only needs to be 6" long.

    What size would be better? And aside from the diamond, she will be getting toys too!
  2. Our babies are the same age and I hadn't even thought about doing jewelry for a first birthday! I love the idea that later you would build a bracelet together. That piece will have a lot of meaning.
  3. Maybe do the first one .50 and then the rest .30?like the big milestones do it bigger?
  4. i think its a great idea!
  5. will you just be giving her a loose diamond every year? for example, when she is old enough to know and want jewelry will you set her diamond for that year or keep it loose? i mean it would be a bad idea to give say an 8 year old a .5 carat pendant, but at say 14 she may be wanting to wear these diamonds!!

    or are all these a surprise and you will store them away one a year until her 18th birthday/wedding?

    just wondering!
  6. I will be buying her a loose diamond every year and store them until the day comes and surprise her with them all at once. I will store each with its own cert. so when we set it, we know which diamond is for which year.. Hopefully when we set it, then the diamonds can be placed in chronological order.
  7. Gotcha!
    Cute idea with the chronological order!

    Also, I think you should get all the same size :smile:
  8. If the plan is to put the diamonds into a bracelet some day, then I would go for the .30 sizes, which would fit nicely into a bracelet that she will be comfortable wearing on a daily basis.
  9. I am really leaning towards .30 but I asked DH again and he wants .50.. I personally think it would look a bit too big for a bracelet.. But I guess we can pick a style like diamonds by the yard..
  10. What a great Idea !!! :smile:
  11. What a great idea!! I should tell my husband about this, although abit late(dd is now 4yrs) but I guess never too late!
    But my question is 0.50 each yr? Will that be too big in size for a bracelet for everyday wear? To me, even 0.3x18, still seem big for everyday wear as a bracelet, unless you might make it into a long yard chain, then .5 is great!!

    But of coz, bigger always better in diamonds!
    how lucky to have so lovely thoughtful parents and what's a lucky girl she is!!!
  12. I agree too big for a bracelet, but if you did do all .3 for the bracelet, maybe for the 1st birthday and 18th birthday you could .5 carat and give her some studs as well?
  13. That's a great idea - maybe the .50 for the major milestone birthdays (like the first birthday and the 18th birthday) and use those for diamond stud earrings. Then give the .30 for all other birthdays, which would be perfect for a bracelet.