Birthday Gift Advice


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May 24, 2007
Hey everyone! Its my boyfriend's birthday soon (at the end of the month), and I STILL haven't found what to get him yet, since I got him a lot of things this year and have almost run out of ideas :crybaby:

Here are some things I've already got him to give some background of what he already has from me:

-every game system and most games lol
-Rolex limited Submariner
-All types of designer clothing, shoes, wallet, bag etc
-Bose Lifestyle 48 surround sound
-digital cam
-Apple computers (desk and lap) + ipods
-cartier ring

I don't really want to get him more of the same. I was thinking of getting him a nice pen (mont blanc, cartier, or maybe LV), but he sees me using mine and doesn't really see a point in having a signing pen.

I don't want to spend more than $5000 on this. I do want it to be something from the heart that'll mean a lot to him and ultimately to us.

Thank you for any opinions! :smile:


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May 24, 2007
^lol we just came back from vacation, which he took me on as part of my bday gift since our bdays are so close together. We went to see his favorite sporting events on that too, and we just went to a concert one of his favorite band played here earlier in the month.

He is worth every penny, I don't think I've ever been more in love with anyone so I try to do everything in my power to make him happy :smile:


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May 23, 2007
As he seems pretty materialistically spoiled already, how about a contribution to his favorite charities in his name?


Feb 17, 2006
Great suggestion from omglovelv.

Berlyn, have you heard of this organisation?

For 1,700 pounds or USD3,400 you can create a whole classroom in your boyfriend's name:

For 720 pounds or USD1,440, you can provide safe water for 1,000 people a day:

1,300 pounds or USD2,600 - with that, you can help create jobs for an entire village.

Perhaps you could give him one of those gifts and buy him something more personal as well?

Are you in the US?

Gifts: He may have lots of designer clothing but does he have a tie like these? :smile:


synthesizer screenprinted necktie

Raven silkscreened microfiber necktie



May 1, 2006
berlyn, can i be your bf too? you spoil him too much!! :P all kidding aside. i do like the charity idea.

what kind of hobbies does he have?


Jan 23, 2007
haha Berlyn! BF's got it made with you! You rock! :rochard:

hmmm... maybe you could get him to take up a new hobby? Something like flying lessons or guitar & guitar lessons, if he's musically inclined... or! Since it's Hawaii... maybe he could take up the ukulele! He could be the next Jake Shimabukuro!! I've always wanted to learn to play the uke...

As this is a purse forum... have you gotten him a nice wallet or bag? Like the Geant line...?

And...I'd be more a gift to me, but I always wanted to get my BF to take some sort of couples/ballroom dancing lessons with me... :roflmfao:

Or! And this is my BF's musing... a new HUMONGOUS flat screen TV to go along with his game systems & games? LOL... or maybe maybe a Slingbox? I've always been curious about that...

Let us know what you decide! :yes:


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May 24, 2007
Caley, sure I doubt he'd object to another woman in the relationship...haha jk. Our only hobbies are video games and shopping lol, we probably need a new one but I guess we're just lazy :shrugs:

Junken: lol I got him a wallet and a bag too since bags are my passion and all, oddly enough from the damier geant line. I'd loveee to do the tv thing, but we have 2 46inch LCD tvs in our condo now, along with a couple smaller screens so we're tv'd out.

Passerby: Thanks for the charity ideas! I think its cute, kind of like purchasing a star in someone's name but more helpful. I'll consider it! The ties are cute too.

Lamia: That would be nice, but he isnt much of a gambler, and our vacation cal for this year is pretty full.

I am just so stumpted! I contemplated getting him the Rolex Yachtmaster in stainless and platinum that hes always looking at, but those times that I was going to get it for him he said that he isnt ready for another watch yet. I don't know if its a good idea to force it on him, and I dont exactly want the one I got him for vday to go unused. I am going nuts, I only have a couple more days too :cursing::sweatdrop:


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May 24, 2007
That is a neat idea too, something personalized just got him. Keep the ideas coming!