Birthday Countdowns

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  1. Does anyone else look forward to their own Birthday?
    Does anyone else countdown to their Birthday?

    If you do, join me!

    1 Month & 20 Days 'til My 24th Birthday

    I know it's a little early for a countdown, but time flies when you are having fun!
  2. I actually love my birthday. Tomorrow makes it exactly 9 months till my birthday....I don't know why I look forward to it so much, nothing exciting ever happens!
  3. Awwww. Mine was yesterday so I have like 364 days to go!!!
  4. Happy late birthday, Sara!
  5. I will be turning 44 on April 9, so no, I'm not excited. It just means I'm that much closer to 50.
  6. I am on the wrong side of 45 next week, so I am not celebrating or counting's too depressing.
  7. Mine is in 3 weeks, it's like a cloud over my head.

  8. my bday is the same day! awesome!
  9. No, in fact I have by passed the day for years. I spent my 21st birthday at my grandmothers funeral and since then I dont celebrate the day.
  10. Oh, that's so sad..:crybaby::crybaby:

    I'm sorry.

  11. I also will not be counting, especially this year.

    2009 = 50


  12. LOL, I've never thought my birthday was a big deal. It's on Christmas Eve, so I understand at this point that it's really not my day. Everyone that has a birthday without some larger significance should be very happy!
  13. Way to go, Aries!!! :tup:
  14. My husband's birthday is Jan. 1, so although it's not MY birthday, it's his and I see how every year it gets overlooked because it's a holiday. Luckily, he doesn't mind.
  15. I get totally excited. I have a huge countdown in the beginning of December with all my friends so they won't forget to come celebrate with me during all the holiday bustle. It's almost a month long (birthday falls on the 29).