Birthday coming up....what to buy?!

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  1. So my birthdays less than 2 months away. Celebrating the big 21st! im not going to vegas til next year so i figured might as well spend the money ive been saying on some lv goodies. I just dont know what! Ive been using my BH religiously for about 2 years and i think its time for a new shoulder bag! thats my must have first! along with that i also am thinking about a keepall for traveling since im hoping to be doing a bit of traveling next year. Also need a wallet. For a handbag these are my choices but im not sure what i want to get!

    Galliera PM mono
    Damier Azur neverfull MM
    Mono delightful GM
    Totally MM

    Any other suggestions? Im gonna be using it every day so i def want something comfortable. Dont care if it has a zipper or not since i love my BH

    Also, not sure which wallet i want to get. Either...
    Mono insolite with the pink inside
    Emilie wallet
    or the Sarah

    Those two are for parents asked what i wanted for my birthday as well and of course i dont want anything but LV! I just dont know what to pick!

    Keepall 55 with strap, Mono odeon PM, or suggestions? I really want a keepall or just another bag something like the odeon or maybe a clutch like bag no more than 1,300. I want soo much LV i just cant decide!
  2. For an everyday comfortable and practical bag, I vote for the Totally MM.
    For a wallet, I vote for the Sarah.
  3. I would go with the Galliera pm and the traditional mono Sarah wallet. I hope you have a fabulous BD!
  4. Artsy MM &Insolite w/pink inside =)
    +Keepall 55 or whatever size, from your parents!
  5. Galliera & Sarah wallet.
  6. Galliera, Mono insolite with the pink inside, and Keepall 55 get my vote! Good luck with your decision.
  7. Pink insolite and either the galliera PM or the delightful PM
  8. Mono galliera pm (I own it and love it!) and insolite wallet with pink inside (soooo cute, I'm thinking about picking it up as well!)
  9. Galleria + Sarah wallet
  10. Since you already have an LV tote bag, I'd get the Galliera PM and the Sarah! I have both and the Galliera is so comfy to carry.
  11. Azur Neverfull
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  13. Galliera - Sarah wallet - Keepall 55.
  14. Galliera PM and Insolite with pink interior.
  15. Galliera and Insolite!