Birthday Choice

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Would You Wait Longer?

  1. Yes buy it on the 22nd!

  2. Buy it Pre Loved, which mean wait....

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. #1 Feb 5, 2014
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2014
    Some of you might remember my thread about the Westminster GM from YC that sold :sad: Everyone told me to wait for it to pop up on YC again but I have a really bad habit of not waiting so I have decided to wait until my birthday on the 22nd of this month. IF I do not find it by than I will be going to LV on my birthday and buying it haha

    I might buy myself a little pouch cles while I wait hehe :biggrin:
  2. Happy Birthday ~ I hope you get your bag! I will PM you if I see one on Yoogi's. :smile:
  3. :smile:
  4. I hope you get your bag :smile:
  5. You might want to get it before the price increase, there’s rumors it could be in the next week or two..
  6. i'd just buy it.
    Things on YC goes way too fast if in high demand!
  7. Waiting sucks! LOL Buy it and have a happy happy birthday.
  8. I know waiting really is hard. I would suggest you buy before the price increase. Price increase could be before 22nd. Thats what the rumor has it.
  9. Ok twist my arm ;) Just bought it haha
  10. Lol. Congrats. There's nothing like brand new shiny...! 😃😃😃