Birthday Chloes!

  1. My DH got me a lovely pair of Chloe wooden wedges for my birthday today! :upsidedown:

    The new Blanc pair joins the Mousse paddy (that I bought myself as an early b-day present a weekish ago) and a well-worn pair of Chocolat wedgies that I snagged early this summer.

    Given it was my birthday I had to play with my other "toys" too! The shoe collection was starting to feel left out with all this Paddy madness of late. Gosh, I feel spoiled!! So I had to share!! :shame:

  2. Happy Birthday!! Those shoes are really cool looking! I can't tell, who makes the espidrilles you have? I see you have three pair and they look comfy.

    Have a great birthday!!
  3. Beautiful shoes and bags - Happy Birthday
  4. Thanks so much :smile:

    They are all three Louboutins. They are sooo comfy! I live in those shoes. I am 5'5" so they make me feel way tall!

    I was a purse fiend long before I discovered the joy of HANDBAGS!

  5. Love those pink Jimmy Choos!
  6. Very cute Chloe wedges. Love your shoe collection. Happy Birthday hmwe46!
  7. Great shoe collection! Your Chloes are special and I adore your powder and tan Choo slingbacks and the red & navy CL espedrilles! Is that you in the middle of the masses! Happy Birthday and thanks for sharing. :smile:
  8. Thanks all!!

    My favs are the black and white Narciso's in the back left corner. Again-- must have that blanc paddy, it would go perfectly with the rest of my collection- hee hee
  9. Where did you buy your Mousse Paddy a weekish or so back?
    It is a beauty!
  10. lovely news shoes to add to your lovely collection. Well done! :biggrin:
  11. Wow, you have very nice shoe collection! The mousse paddington is beautiful!
  12. Look! - the shoes have their own bed :yes:

  13. Happy Birthday! Your shoes and mousse paddy are beautiful!
  14. Thanks much!

    Yup, that's me in the midst of my collection. :nuts: A girl has to have a hobby, right??

    My DH is such a love, he got me the tan Choo's up front (hence them being up front!!), the powder Choo's, and the crystal snake Caovilla's.

  15. I got the Mousse Paddy from Joan Shepp on their 30% off sale.
    Another PFer tipped me to it after the Bluefly fake-chocolat-paddy-tragedy.

    I love this one! I thought the stainless hardware might clash with my usual gold jewlery but it seems fine. It goes with everything!