Birthday Celebration Begins!! Another Marine Money Wallet!!

  1. Alright!! I cannot contain the excitement any longer... I posted this in the Aloha Rag thread, but I don't think ppl are checking it, because of the title (and we got it resolved... ;) )

    Here it is:

    :yahoo: :yahoo:

    YEA!!!! I will definately be ordering from Aloha Rag again!! Quick communication, excellent customer service, and fast shipping! My item arrived today... and I am THRILLED!!

    I didn't want to start a new thread, since there's already been one on this - so I just came back here... But a big shout out to Celia Hish, :woohoo: for inspiring me to purchase this beauty!!! It was worth EVERY cent!!!

    My Marine Money wallet arrived today via FedEx.... I panicked at first, because the invoice that was in the box said "Ink", which I guess wouldn't be totally bad, since Ink & Marine are so close... but I just sold my Ink bag to another loving home, so Marine was what I was going for!!

    I will tell you, this Marine Money wallet has the most DELISH leather ever!! I can't stop rubbing it!! It's the perfect size to use as a wallet or a clutch... and while I always said I would never use any other wallet then a MJ ZC... I think its been dethroned!!! :graucho:

    Here she is!!!! IN all of her BEAUTIFUL glory!!! The first of *many* birthday presents to myself, I'm sure... :roflmfao: Hey, if Sephora will let me start celebrating 2 weeks beforehand... I might as well, right???

    :drinkup: (Comparison pics with Aqua First, because I wasn't sure if the Money would fit in there very well... but it is perfect with room to spare!!) I'm hoping NM in Troy has a Aqua coin purse, so that my lil Marine wallet can have a sibling!! :biggrin:
    Money1.jpg MoneyInside.jpg Money&Aqua.jpg Money&Marine.jpg
  2. CONGRATS! I love it! I want a wallet next!
  3. That is gorgeous! I love the Marine color!
  4. Love the wallet!!:drool:
  5. I love Marine as accessories! I saw a gorgeous Compagnon at Bal NY in marine and now both you and Celia_Hish are making me want to go and get it!

    Lovely birthday present!
  6. happy bday :dothewave:

    and what a cutie :yes:
  7. I'm loving that color! Happy Birthday!
  8. aww look at the cute little box and bag!!

    congrats!! and happy early bday :smile:
  9. Lovely lovely wallet, am loving the colour! What a great present to yourself!!!
  10. LOL... thanks everyone. That's what I was hoping... that Celia & I could double team everyone to give these gorgeous Marine accessories homes!! :p

    Oh... and the big day isn't for 2 weeks, so who knows what else I will give myself!! :beach:

    Here's hoping for an Aqua Coin purse sometime in the future.... :graucho:
  11. Love, love, love the Money in Marine. Fantastic choice!
  12. I see you love the Bal blues, too. Lovely wallet and bags.
  13. Perfect choice for an adorable little accessory...and I love that you're starting nice and early! I do that father has a term for it, he calls it "juicing"...
  14. The marine money wallet is a great accessory! I am happy that you are so thrilled with the purchase. I am definitely going to start focusing my buying efforts on accessories, since I don't really "need" any more bags.
  15. Heck yeah!! I only get to do it once a year... so its the two weeks before and the week after!! :p Kind of like the 6 months prior to the wedding and 3 months after!!

    Tomorrow is my day at NM and I'm ordering some stuff from Sephora... so the celebration continues!! (We need a little smilie blowing a party blower or something...):rochard: