Birthday Cakes


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Sep 13, 2005
yummy and stylish! :biggrin:


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My birthday was Thursday and I didn't have a cake, but my mom did give me a cute birthday card shaped like a little purse, complete with a ribbon for the strap.
I can imagine my hubby getting me one as a joke..."oh, I got you that new purse you wanted for your birthday; but, careful it might spoil..." :biggrin:
Superbaby said:
where can u get these kind of cakes from?? :P I want one for my bday now! :lol:

I have a ton of websites for these cakes on my computer, I am actually at my boyfriends parents house at the moment but when I get home I can post them. I have names of cake designers in LA, NY and SF. (But you live in Vegas so I am not sure there. I do not know if they could be shipped). I know one off memory -, they have a LV and a Gucci and more, they also ship and based in SF.


I have actually seen better ones than these but dont know the site right now, but this cake place is supose to be good.
^^OMG- those cakes are amazing. I am bookmarking that site for future Birthday cakes I may want to order.

When you can, please post more great cake sites. Thanks for the heads up.