Birthday Buy! Neverfull MM Mono or Delightful PM Azur

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  1. Hi Everyone - I am currently debating between the Neverfull Mono MM with the RB interior and matching wallet or the Delightful Azur with RB interior and matching wallet. My Birthday is Friday and this will be my gift to self. Help me pick please
  2. If you tend to carry a lot then the NF but if you're something of a minimalist and are more concerned about comfort then the Delightful. I have both bags (in larger sizes) and between the two the Delightful always wins because of being so lightweight and comfy-cozy...I often forget that I'm wearing it.
  3. Depends on what you already have in your collection; they are both gorgeous bags.
  4. I've both and like NF a little bit better. Though I love delightful as well. I think mono is a bit more versatile but Azure is oh so beautiful. Sorry, I am not helping much ;)

    rest assured no matter which one you choose, you won't regret it, they are both amazing.
  5. I like the NF. I tried on the delightful and I could just tell the bag would not stay on my shoulder easily so keep that in mind if you try it on. Would you consider a azur NF with RB, it's really a beautiful bag.
  6. I tried on both in the store thinking I would be getting the Neverfull but surprised myself and ended up getting the Delightful MM in DE. The Neverfull is a great tote for lugging around lots of stuff, but the Delightful felt like more of a handbag/purse to me. Also the strap on the Delightful and the style was more comfortable to me than the Neverfull.
  7. I did the exact opposite. Thought I'd get the delightful but the PM was too small and the MM way too big for me. The neverful MM in DA with RB interior was perfect :smile:
    Guess it proves the point that going to the shop and trying on is the best way :smile:
  8. Neverfull MM because it's easier to get in and out of. The delightful is a nice light weight bag but I don't like the sag.
  9. Delightful!! I just bought the PM 2 weeks ago and adore her!!! In fact I haven't even thought about switching bags!! She's sooooo comfortable! And the slouch is sooooo sexy!!!