birthday brings hard Decisions !!


which one would you choose

  1. balenciaga weekender

  2. apple laptop

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  1. ok people,

    if you had to choose between a balenciaga weekender or a apple laptop for your brithday...... which one would you choose? :push: ive wanted the weekender for a long time but college may be coming and i would need a laptop !

  2. Laptop... You should get the Macbook Air...
  3. Laptop - get the weekender later. You might even find a good deal.
  4. My initial instinct was "Weekender!!!" but then I let the rationale part of my brain talk for just a second, and I have to agree with manbag1990 and brtracy - the laptop would probably be better.
  5. the weekender!

    my laptop is old and beat up, my boyfriend laughs at it... i dont care, i'm not an electronic gal :p i'd much rather have a bbag!

    eta: OK, if you dont have a PC you can use/take to school, then fiiiine, i guess the laptop would be the more logic choice.
  6. school stuff comes first always in my book. you can get the weekender later.
  7. I would get the laptop too...nothing is better than a new fast computer. I just got a new one, and I'm enjoying it so other one, though only 3 years old, was just overwhelmed by life and very moody.
  8. Go for the laptop!! I am on my MacBook Pro right now and I :heart: it to bits!!!
  9. laptop - you'll need it in college
  10. Weekender!!! Who needs a laptop when you have a weekender...:drinks:
  11. wow that sounds really tough. There's logic and then there's bbags!!!
  12. Laptop (apple just released some super thin ones too~!)... bBag later :yes:
  13. laptop! first things first!:yes: and school's impossible without a laptop! :push:
  14. Go for the new Apple 'Air' laptop if you can!
    What is it with those 3-5 year old computers? Blah!
  15. School comes first.. Go for the Laptop!