Birthday! BEC WTM Messenger or Surprise Me?

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  1. Hi BE Ladies! Long time no see! (I made the mistake of getting my first Bal from AFF and have been hanging out on their forum, feeding the latest addiction.)

    Since Jackie has been so kind as to give us birthday presents, and announce it right before my birthday, I find myself lemming after another BE bag.

    Please help me decide: WTM Messenger or Surprise Me? It will be a Couture order in Pebbled Luxe Scarlet with either the classic fuschia lining or the pale pink. I'm a petite lil thing, height-wise anyway (lol) and for a cross-body that I'm going to wear all day prefer something on the smaller side.

    I've been rocking the Bal bags all spring and summer (in pink and red, of course) but it's time to return to my original love: Belen Echandia.
  2. Wonderful idea for a birthday present!! The Scarlet will look fabulous...and both linings will be lovely. I'm not so good keeping bags clean, so I would choose Red lining..LOL!

    The SM is a thinner bag than the WTMessenger, which again is about 1-2 cm taller. The SM has a lot of outside pockets ..whereas the WTMes has got one.

    Both models will suit your frame well. really depends what you want to carry?!

    I have one SM, which I hardly use, because I always like to have a waterbottle and an AP/ Kiss me with me..the WTMes holds more than the SM.

    I think I somewhere posted pics of the know, I should have posted them on the reference pages!!)

    I also think I somewhere posted pics of my Red sheen WTMes..
  3. Hahahahahaha..thanks Rae..ok..for once the title seems to fit! The jungle I have with my pictures on my PC is simply impossible to find anything in! I mean ..what did I mean with cmidcl?? Or tmfb?? So I can never find my pics..LOL!!
  4. I have both of these and if you held a gun to my head, I would choose the WTM over the Surprise Me because it holds more but is still slim. I think I love my SM because it is in Pewter. If it was in another leather I probably would have moved it on once I got the WTM Messenger.