Birthday Bag

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  1. Hi Everyone...

    For my birthday in 2 months my dad is getting me a new bag, I am however having trouble deciding on which one to get. My link below is a compilation of the bags I am currently thinking about, I would really appreciate it if you told me which one you liked best.
  2. i like the black chanel, but i really like the balenciaga underneath it!
  3. Wow what a nice Dad. I vote for the BBag.
  4. i'd be hard up between the Black BBag, the Black Chanel flap or the BV... i'm leaning towards the BV just because... i dont know why but in the next 5 minz my mind could change between the 3. those are 3 bags on my i wish list :yes:
  5. Well... at first glance the only bag that really stands out is the white chanel with gold chain. Its lovely.
  6. Sorry double post
  7. definitely the bbag
  8. thanks guys... yeah i would say he's a nice dad... i think he's trying to buy lost time
  9. I would normally vote for the Balenciaga, but since its going to be summer when you get it, I would honestly go for the white City Tote - especially if its the glazed white leather, they are really nice.
  10. i think it depends on how are u planning to use the bag?

    if u're carrying a lot of things and want to carry it to school or work, i vote for the black city tote
    if it's not, a black chanel flap is a classic that u can use forever til u grow old
    Picture 1.jpg
  11. Go for the B bag!
  12. Black Chanel
  13. black chanel!
  14. I love the bottega veneta!
  15. The black Chanel all the way!