Birthday Bag Opinions

  1. Hello! I know the Carly is very popular - and for good reason! It's such a cute bag! Some of you responded to my birthday thread, my parents ended up getting me the wristlet. With some of my extra birthday money I was looking at puchasing this: Coach - New CARLY SIGNATURE TOP HANDLE POUCH The smaller Carly, the top handle pouch.

    Does anyone have this bag or have you seen in stores? what are your opinons on it and the size?
    I think I remember someone saying she thought the signature c's were too big for the smaller bag - but it's in the size and price range.... and I like it!

  2. HECK NO the C's aren't too big!! I think that makes the bag look even better! Which color do you want to get?
  3. I like the saddle for some reason - I don't usually go for red browns, but I do like this one!!
  4. When I first saw it online, I didn't fall in love with it. Then I saw it in person today and I love it. I would get it!
  5. Its CUTE!
  6. Thanks girls, I'm going to order it next week sometime!!!