Birthday Bag Dilemma: A Most Piteous Plea with a Pic

  1. I received this bag for my birthday.


    It is one of those annoying situations where you cannot help but think of all the things your relative could have done with the money had they gotten you a less costly gift, and yes, the things you yourself could have purchased.

    I understand that here in the lofty heights of handbagology, many here consider the Sak brand to be a low end product. But the average price of this low end product is still several times what I spend on bags.

    The family member who presented me with this bag also failed to secure any sort of agreement with the Sak company with regard to remuneration for me to perform advertising services, and that is the real issue that brings me here to you today.

    The bag features the company name in four places. Two zipper pulls, a charm, and a little metal patch sort of thing near the bottom corner of the bag. I have already replaced the charm with a very nice little enamel elephant, in a soft cocoa brown that falls right between the light beige ("natural" is what the company calls it, it is MUCH lighter than the picture of it I found) knit fabric body and the dark brown straps. I have not replaced the zipper pulls yet, but that is just because I have not decided what I will replace them with. I have a formidable collection of almost all faux bling that can be tweaked and repurposed.

    But the little patch on the corner? It appears that it cannot be removed without actually undoing the lining and performing some sort of surgery on the bag itself, a feat that is beyond my comprehension, much less my skills, my abilities in the textile arts having been holding steady at zero since - well, forever.

    So it would appear that covering the patch will be my best option. But with what will I cover it? Rhinestones do not really go with this bag, they would not even were I to change the charm to a rhinestone one and put rhinestone zipper pulls.

    And when it comes to tasks like covering up a little metal patch approximately one half by three quarters of an inch, I am so a one trick pony.

    Paint (translation: nail polish) won't do it, because the name is carved or stamped or whatever into the patch.

    I do not have a plain piece of metal exactly that size, or any size really, no little metal squares at all that I could glue over it.

    So what do I do?

    Sure, I could just hang it up downstairs, in that Bag Twilight Zone, not really in Current Rotation, yet not so far removed from my current bag needs, desires, preferences and whims as those boxed up and reposing in some secure location, indefinite and undisclosed. Por alli. In or up yonder.

    But a complication has arisen. As I have contemplated the bag, its flaws and imperfections, and thanks to those who replied to my original thread** seeking help on darkening the offensive contrasting topstitching (I am Opposed to contrasting topstitching), something troubling has occurred.

    I have begun to like the bag. Despite my best efforts, outfits that it would look good with come unbidden to my mind.

    I want to apply those outfits to my person, and sally forth rocking my birthday bag.

    So it is imperative that I resolve the patch issue, and do so immediately.

    Thanks to those who replied to my first and desperate thread** on the subject of this bag, I am leaning heavily toward KTScrlet's shoe polish idea, even though after examining the bag, the straps and trim are neither leather nor unleather but some sort of reinforced fabric, I am guessing nylon or that newfangled microfiber stuff, which is what we are supposed to call nylon now, which probably means, since my Total and Eternal Shopping Ban precludes even purchasing mockinglee's excellent suggestion of a fabric dye pen, I should do some acrylic paint mixed with fabric medium instead of the shoe polish, or maybe - and I can't believe I am even saying this, the more I gaze at the bag, the more I feel in my heart a strange and disturbing germ of a notion that perhaps in this particular case, on this exact bag, and it alone, the topstitching might not look as bad as I think it does.

    But even if, and if ever an if was big, this one is a leviathan, a colossus among ifs, that germ of a notion should undergo some sort of cellular division and form itself into a full-blown notion, there would still be the problem of the Patch.

    My options are:
    1) Contact the Sak company and sound them out on the idea of some sort of honorarium, explaining that I am unable to perform complementary publicity or advertising services for any company.

    2)Alter, cover, embellish or in some manner cause it not to say SAK

    Due to the millions of individuals who parade daily through the public streets sporting handbags that advertise the Sak, for the pleasure and privilege of serving the company, I have concluded that the chances of Option 1 are so small as to be statistically insignificant, about the same as the chance that I would opt to serve, on a completely volunteer basis, a company of which I am neither admirer, loyalist, fan or devotee.

    That leaves me with Option 2.

    And here I collapse before you in a small heap of wit's end, and mercifully, post's end, and ask:

    :shrugs: What can I do about that damn patch?

  2. Well...Happy Birthday! I am hopeless however at altering things and am not in the least bit creative. The bag is nice though, so maybe ignore the logo on the corner :shrugs: and BTW your elephant charm sounds too cute! Sorry I am no help to you just wanted to say Happy B-day!!
  3. Oh, Shimma. I actually think that's a really cute bag! The topstitching's not bad at all...the lighter thread matches the lighter fabric body, so it's not glaringly out of place. In that small pic you can hardly notice the logo patch in the corner. I can't even make out what it says. Are both sides of the bag the same? Can you wear it with the "back" side facing out if there's no patch there? You could also try a big pin, brooch, or button to cover it up. It's not permanent, easy to find, and you can change the pin to suit your mood.

    I wouldn't worry too much about the zipper pulls, either (unless they're actually letters that spell out THE SAK). Most designers have their name engraved on zipper pulls nowadays and honestly, no one but yourself will be using the pulls probably, so no one will see them and think you're "advertising".

    ETA: Hey, here's another, completely "out there" idea....get a fun colored grosgrain ribbon, loop it through those straps on the side and around the purse, tie it in a bow on the front, RIGHT OVER the logo patch. Adds a streak of color and whimsy, covers up what you don't want seen.
  4. Can I just tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed reading your little "rant" :p

    Here's a crazy idea - hot glue some cute metal charm over the plate...or rhinestones...or square washer!

    And Happy Birthday!
  5. I agree with the idea of a hot glue gun and then bling or charms of your choice. There are a multitude of small square and rectangular charms around, and surely one of them could have its loop snipped off with a wire snip and then be hot-glued to the name plate? Alternatively, you could fill in the engraving with clear nail polish, let it dry thoroughly, and THEN paint over it with your preferred matching or contrasting color.
  6. Shimma~be brave and wear your bag. It's really difficult to see that microscopic patch. You could tie a scarf around the handle, on the offending side, if you like. You can do it, I know you can:okay:
  7. Happy birthday Shimma...I am totally uncreative so I have no ideas to suggest but I wanted to wish you a happy birthday and say I do so love reading your posts:smile:.
  8. I don't understand... Do you dislike ALL logos or does it just bother you that it's a SAK bag?

    If you like it, just carry it. I don't understand what the problem is :confused1:

    About the topstitching: that can be taken care of with a fine tipped sharpie or a fabric marker.
  9. Agree with the idea of glueing a metal charm, foreign coin, wooden button, old earring or pin over the metal logo. Or you could find a large floral applique or pin a la Sex and the City and pin it on the side so that maybe the petals or leaf covers the logo. Or just live with it
  10. I have no ideas of my own either, but I like the pin/broach and scarf ideas. But really, I just like reading your posts:lol:
  11. Happy Birthday Shimma

    Well - inspired by your 'end tag' (forgotten the real world) and assuming that your total and eternal shopping ban excludes worthy causes... I did come across this solution of something to pin over the logo on the Oxfam unwrapped site

    But of course I then realized that it would be a virtual gift... but I did find at least one direct source where you could get one..

    However - and here is the fun part... kidzpositive make up beadwork to order... There is a minimum of 40 items... but you might take on the project and create the latest purse forum doobery... And offer to others the opportunity to cover up their logos.....
  12. I just want to compliment you on your prose - you are gifted! Do you write professionally?

    I like the idea of a homemade charm - some grosgrain ribbon with a charm or medallion or brooch dangling, and you could safety-pin it from inside.

    Don't dismiss Sak bags - although not a fan, I have one and it has it's purpose.
  13. Oh yes, I forgot to add "Happy Birthday"!
  14. First of all...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!

    Re: the bag--you can buy really cute appliques at just about any fabric store, and sew them on by hand. I use them to patch holes in my scrub top pockets, where the various pens and surgical implements I carry around have worn the fabric down. Just a suggestion!
  15. Hmm... on a bag with a knit fabric body, why not use a clever broach? I love vintage broaches found in secondhand stores, and use these sometimes on my knit bags, though not yet to conceal a logo. I also prefer bags (and clothing) without logos, so am in your corner completely about finding means to circumvent cheesy self-promotions. Even so, your quiet little bag's logo isn't particularly egregious as logos go. If you cannot find it in your heart to forgive its pretensions, a little bling, perhaps a pretty cameo or a bit of soul-baring peacock feather, could well do the trick and provide both a cover up and a conversation point.