Birthday bag bliss :) Which bag should I choose as my birthday gift??

Which LV bag should I choose to get as a birthday gift?

  • Damier Speedy 25

  • Black Epi Speedy 25

  • Ivoire Epi Speedy 25

  • Monogram Papillon 30

  • Damier Papillon 30

  • Azur Totally PM

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Jun 6, 2007
My birthday is next week and I am going to be receiving a new LV bag as a gift :biggrin:

Now that I can choose what I want, I am having a very tough time deciding. I definitely want something classic because I prefer having a bag I can pick up for years and not worry that it's out of style.

Here is what I currently own in Louis bags:

Monogram Speedy 30
Monogram Pochette Accessories
Monogram Cabas Piano ~ I'm selling this.
Monogram Neverfull GM ~ I'm selling this.
Monogram Batignolles Vertical ~ I hate this and never wear it. Will probably sell.
Damier Saleya MM ~ This is my mother's but I can use it anytime I want. However, the size is a bit big. I prefer bags that can easily go from day to night.

I have NUMEROUS Monogram Accessories including my French Coin Purse Wallet and I have a Damier key Cles.

I have narrowed it down to the following bags to choose from. Please know that price makes no difference to me. I am not going to choose a higher priced bag just because this is a gift.

Damier Speedy 25
Black Epi Speedy 25 ~ Hate the silver hardware though and wish it was gold :sad:
Ivoire Epi Speedy 25 ~ Will it get dirty?
Monogram Papillon 30
Damier Papillon 30

Azur Totally PM ~ Worried if I will like honey Patina on Azur, but the bag is so cute. Love the outside pockets.

Thanks for helping :balloon:


Jan 29, 2009
ON - Canada
I'm going to vote for Epi Speedy in Ivory and Azur Totally PM, since your collection consists of many dark coloured bags. Good Luck


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Sep 21, 2006
I'm going to chime in with Pigeu. Ivory Epi Speedy and Azur Totally PM gets my vote. Really nice for the S/S. Good luck


Apr 3, 2009
I think it's time you get a light coloured LV ;) I'm not a fan of the totally,so get an azur speedy,you won't regret it. My DF bought me azur speedy 30 as my bday present 2 years ago.I used her so carefully (as I don't like patina on azur much),she is still in perfect condition. good luck deciding!


Apr 28, 2009
Azur speedy or a Galliera (not on your list, but I though I would throw it in). I wasn't sure how I would feel about the darkening of the vachetta, but now I can't get enough azur now. it is my fav.