Birthday/ anniversary gift- tank or trinity ring?

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  1. I absolutely love Cartier pieces, but most of the time just in pictures on here or on Pinterest!

    However, my 33rd birthday and our 5th wedding anniversary are coming up in June, and my lovely husband says he would like to buy me a little something nice...

    I have always loved the trinity ring, particularly the one with the diamond pavé on the white gold band, so always thought I would ask for that if I got the opportunity. However a few years ago we were looking at that ring, and because it was out of our price range then my husband got me the pavé entrelaces ring instead. I still love that and wear it often, and I don't think I could wear that and the trinity at the same time- although really I would have preferred to just have the trinity I think.

    So the other option is a new watch. At the moment I wear a stainless steel Tag professional, ladies size, which was a 21st birthday present from my parents. It's suited my lifestyle really well so far, but now I'm a little bit more grown up (maybe!) I'm hankering after something a bit more feminine and classic, with a leather strap probably. I love the tank americaine, and our local stockist has the one in pink gold medium size at half price because it somehow got slightly dented on one side. I also like the tank anglaise, but in gold it's over budget (can spend about £4-5k) and the stainless steel only comes with a bracelet.

    I've also been considering a stainless steel Jaeger LeCoultre reverso, although I've not tried that on yet- the appeal of that being that it's very classic and also automatic.

    Ideally I'd get an automatic tank americaine in gold, by they don't make those anymore (the guy in our local stockist said the americaine is being discontinued?) and they'd be too expensive anyway. I'd consider a secondhand watch but have no idea where to start looking for one- I'm in the UK.

    Sorry this is really long, but would love to hear people's opinions!
  2. I'd say get the reverso with a couple of coloured straps and call it a day.
  3. Have you seen this in person? It's the thinner version of what you want (I think...) and the price is great! I have this for staking and it works great. I've also tried this with a diamond eternity band and another full pave diamond trinity ring and it looks equally stunning. I highly recommend it!

  4. Yep that's the size I was looking at - I have tiny hands so it looks better on me than the classic IMO. I had wondered about sticking it with my wedding band and e-ring, as well as wearing it as a RHR (which is what I currently do with my entrelaces)

    *Christofle* you're probably right. I am overthinking this, as I do most things! Can't justify this kind of purchase very often though so I want to enjoy the decision making process
    Why do you say the reverso, anyway?
  5. It sounds like you really want to have the ring, and there is nothing wrong with having both!

  6. +1
  7. Haha one of you needs to tell my husband that!

    I've got him a Tag Carrera calibre 1887 for his present- forgot to mention that. We've looked at it together a few times but never took the plunge, then I saw it in the jeweller's window with a 'sale' label on it January, and squirrelled it away for him... Will give it to him on his bday next month!

    I guess I kind of thought it would be cute to both get watches, but I really like the ring too...
  8. Get the ring! I prefer jewelry over watches anytime..besides you already have a tag watch.
  9. *Sorry for the the slow answer, I didn't realize that you replied to me.*

    I'm quite fond of the reverso's history (A sport watch for polo that was designed so polo players can flip their watch-face over in order to protect it from impacts during a match). The reverso is also great, since you can get it professionally engraved to commemorate your anniversary.

    The Tank Louis Cartier in gold is the quintessential tank for me, so I would go for the Reverso in steel over any other tank.

    As for the Trinity ring, it is a gorgeous piece but I find it a bit bulky for everyday wear so it's more of a personal opinion.

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