Birthday and Anniversary present from DH and parents, ... also my last Chanel ???


Oct 3, 2008

Sent to New York by parents and husband, for my Birthday and Anniversary... Was drooling over the prefall patent colour reissue bags from TPF pictures, but I saw a couple of them IRL, and was dissappointed. The colours were beautiful, but not the shades I'm looking for...

So, I was ready to go home empty handed... :sad:

But then, to my surprise, and after months of searching.... I'm given ... as my present...

Yes, yes, it is one of the most perfect bags...

226 GHW Aged Calfskin in Black....

It was brand new in all its glorious paper wrapping. Even the chain was still in wrapping... I was so excited, I tore off all the paper at once

Will post reveal soon.
Cannot wait to do modelling shots. Will take it out next week with husband to celebrate ... well, the true Anniversary Date...