Birth of Modern Luxury owners-does it come w/box?

  1. I saw BML on eBay, and the seller said it come w/box?? Since when LV give out boxes for books? I got mine about a week ago w/help of 866, but didn't get a box for it, if it does come w/box, should i phone the store and request them?
  2. I ordered this book direct from LV~ It did come in a box. The sucker is HEAVY!:yes:
  3. should come with the box, mine came with the box
  4. Yes, so did mine...:yes:
  5. i dont think there is any need for a box
  6. mine came in a box, but that's because my SA pretty much boxes everything.
  7. mine did not!
  8. Mine not coz it came from
  9. I bought mine @ LV and it was not boxed. I usually think to ask but didn't think of it for a book!
  10. Mine didn' mom got it for me for Christmas last year from the Neiman's catalog so it came with the shipping box but that was it.
    My Icons book DID come in a box though, ribbons and all :yes:
  11. I got mine from an eBay seller and it was sealed in plastic but didn't come with a box. I think it depends on if the seller has a good SA, in which case they would probably have got a box for their book.
  12. My book did not come in a box, however, the icons book did come in a box, and ribbons.
  13. Mine came with a box as well, as well as the icon book.
  14. Mine came with a box, the book broke the first one lol!! he had to replace it! haha
  15. I had ordered my book through Amazon when it first came out, so it only came in a shipping box. Got it for a great price when it first came out. Did you know that book weighs around 8lbs or so?