Birth of Modern Luxury book....

  1. Hi all,

    Can this book still be purchased retail...or only ebay?

    How much was retail on it when it was available (or if it is still available)?

  2. i got mine a few months ago from NM. i think the retail was $125, but it was on sale for around $90? i had tried ordering it through Amazon, but after 4 months of waiting i cancelled my order. not sure if it's available anywhere else.
  3. Thanks hfx! I was just looking on ebay and someone was trying to sell one for $400 ACK!
    I'll check Amazon and maybe call NM.
  4. Hi! I just got this book about a month ago at a boutique so it might still be available, and I think you might also be able to call the 866 number for it. It's somewhere around $100ish.
    Hope that helps!
  5. omg..they're selling on Amazon for as much as $1000 OMG! Cheapest one was $228. Yikes.
  6. Oh wow...thanks eff! I will check that route first!
  7. I bought mine in the LV boutique at NM a few months back, that had a stack of them. My local LV store also had a stack.
    Call around, don't pay more than $125.
  8. It is out of print. They are being sold on eBay for 200US and on for 500US. I just ordered one through my LV boutique for 145Cdn! :yes:
  9. Hi, you can give Fashion Valley store a call, they have 3 books left. it's the number (619)220 8565
    $125 shipping $10
  10. Its available at my LV in Saks too. :smile:
  11. They Have alot of them at the Champs-Elysees Flagship Store in Paris
  12. Thanks everyone...I appreciate it!!!! Definitely don't want to pay more than retail for it!
  13. Yeah my store pretty much always has them. The boutique in the Neiman's there also had a few the last time I was in.
  14. please don't pay more than $125!! call 866-VUITTON and they can (hopefully) locate one for you. Our LVsaks has some, so if you need the number, let me know!!
  15. Thanks for the offer butterfly...I'll probably give the 866 or the fashion valley store a call soon!