Birth of Modern Luxury Book

  1. In case some of you are still after the book, B&N online has some new copies in stock online for $125 and if you're a member of their club it's only $100.
  2. I saw a few copies at the Bloomingdale's LV at South Coast Plaza yesterday. I didn't ask for the price since I already had the book, but my SA said that LV re-issued this popular book.
  3. I saw one in the LV store in Vegas...
  4. They're in at LV Ala Moana in Hawaii. I think the price was 125 or so. The book is gorgeous!
  5. I also saw couple of them at LV store, Beverly Center.
  6. Seems like they have re-printed a newer edition, since demand was high...
  7. Well that's good news and about time :smile:
  8. hope to get this soon :smile:
  9. One of the best books I have gotten in a long time.
  10. I purchased one earlier today from for $78 if anyone is interested.

  11. From via site :yes:
  12. Yea, I noticed that. I was confused how come I couldn't find the book being sold directly by Amazon on the amazon website. On their site all I saw was is it being sold by other sellers.
  13. Me too =)
  14. got mine $89 shipped from
  15. OH i love this book. It is a Fav of mine.