Birth of Modern Luxuries, Price? Reviews?

  1. Interested in getting this book. Does anyone know the price?

  2. It is $125 in USD. I just got it at the LV store not too long ago, but I haven't had a chance to actually read it though. It has some stunning pictures though, I've managed to flip through it!!:smile:
  3. Thanks so much!
  4. Thanks for opening this thread, twinkle.tink! I completely forgot about the Birth of Modern Luxury!!! I think I might just buy it on Tuesday!!! :biggrin:
  5. My pleasure :smile: I am going to get it too!
  6. I got this book about a month ago from Newman Marcus on-line. It's a very heavy book, about 6 pounds! Anyway if you are into LV you should have it, to get to know the history behind the name. I am interested in getting the LV bags but I also want to see whether LV is worth it in term of collectivity of it. So before I get the bags I love reading about it first. This is how I approach all my hobbies or collecting needs, I love to know the history before I invest in anything.
  7. i got mine at or somewhere right before it came out....for about $70!!! you should search on book stores online, you might find better deal!!:heart: :P

    awesome book, btw.....great pictures!:flowers:
  8. I haven't read mine either, but like others, I did flip through it and look at the pics. I must say, the pics alone are worth it! :yes:
  9. my aunt's getting it for me for christmas, i'm soooo excited! i can't wait to see the pictures!
  10. It´s sold out everywhere here.
  11. Oh, you should definetly get it! mY mom gave it to me for my birthday and to be honest, I still haven't read it, but the pictures are stunning! I just love going through the pics! Don't buy it on ebay, they are sooo overpriced! Try the boutique, or the 1866 number, or neiman's, they might still have copies available.
  12. when it first came out.. it was $75 on both Amazon and they're now 135 from the price increase. i bought mine at LV Caesar's Forum Shops for $135.. the good thing bout buying it in the store is that you can ask for a box! Haha.. it's the biggest box i've gotten to date!

    however, i have not read through the book.. i have not even flipped through it.. the spine/everything is in pristine condition. lol. it's strictly a coffee table book for me!
  13. This book is $230-$295 on :wtf: !?!?
  14. Call can get one for $125...and it gets shipped in a beautiful LV box!
  15. I bought it in Neiman Marcus online store. History is sometimes little boring but pictures are great.