Birth of Modern Lux. ques.

  1. To everyone out there that has purchased this anyone currently reading it (and is it good?) or is everyone just keeping it as a collectors' item?? Just curious.
  2. all i keep reading on this forum is how great it is to read, how incredible it looks just sitting there and how is costs $120. not gonna lie, that is what is holding me back! wish i could get my paws on someone else's for a few minutes so i could convince myself i want one!
  3. I've been thinking about purchasing it but I want to get other opinions just to make sure....before I shell out $120 for it.
  4. It is worth it both as a informative read and a collectors piece.:yes:
  5. I'm keeping it as a collector's item AND reading it. It's nice to have such a complete history of my favorite fashion house :love:
    Also-it's a VERY heavy book..most college textbooks cost just as much and are WAY lighter than this one (of course I use that analogy since I'm in college lol). It's not a tiny little "Icons" sized book, it's very substantial. :yes:
  6. Actually the book is $135+ tax. I have yet to purchase it but am considering buying it as it sounds like an interesting item to have. ;)
  7. It is absolutely wonderful!
  8. I just bought a used one (but the seller described it as "like new") for 80€ on The prices on were ridiculous though. Starting at 380$...
  9. I should be able to find it at most large university libraries, especially ones that have a Fashion major. IF, you're mainly interested in reading, not owning.
  10. It does have a huge history on LV etc...If you are looking for that. I was looking more for pictures of all the bags ever made. I did buy it, and I did return it. It all depends on what you want the book for. It is a collector's piece. I just wanted something I could use, I am really not into history. Just my humble opinion on the book. ;)
  11. ITA, I leafed through mine....going to read it more now that the holidays are over :smile:
  12. it is a great book.
  13. i've opened mine but I didn't really read it- i mostly just browsed through the pictures and have it on a book shelf.
  14. I, so far browsed through it! lol! I love the pics!