Birth Control

  1. Its time to start back on some kind of birth control...any suggestions besides condoms (Im married) Im 37, a SOCIAL smoker...I just do not think the pill would be so good now...patch?? shot?? If you dont mind share with me what works for you.
    Hope this isnt too personal...:shrugs:
  2. i LOOOOOOOOVE my iud! when i first got married i tried EVERYTHING but depo. i was so so so miserable and my poor body was so mad at me. got my iud last august and i haven't had to think about bc since! you just have to check the strings once a month to make sure it's still in place and mention at your annual that you have one.

    i have the copper one (paragard) b/c my body hates hormones but they also have one that uses progesterone (mirena). they last for YEARS (the hormone one for five, the copper one for 10) and have a 99% success rate. the only negative is the copper one makes your flow heavier and much much MUCH crampier. i used to never have cramps and now i have days where all i want to do is crawl in the fetal position with a heating pad. sometimes they make me throw up if i don't take enough aleve to ward them off. it's gotten better though the longer i have it. with the mirena, sometimes your period stops all together.

    unless you have already super crampy periods, i highly highly highly reccommend it.
  3. I go for my yearly next week so I will discuss this with her..I luckily have the lightest 3 day periods ever....cramping is a bit worse now as Im getting older but nothing major...SO the IUD is not uncomfortable?
  4. inserting it hurt. i've heard it's like one big contraction (i don't have kids so i can't compare) because they dialate your cervix. you'll want to keep the rest of your day free. you'll hurt and want to curl up on the couch. but after that you don't feel the actual device at all.
  5. sounds kind of horrible! do they give you like t3s or anything to take the pain away?
  6. That sounds a bit hard core for me!!! lol...SERIOUSLY!!!
  7. LOL it wasn't THAT bad! and i'm a big baby. hence the couch. :supacool:
  8. I wish my husband could just have something done...I feel like its always me that has to "take one for the team"
  9. Sunshine, my DH "got fixed" on a Friday and went back to work on Monday. I went with him and watched. We went out to lunch afterwards. He was a little sore, I babied him and he lived!
    We came to that decision after I told him I would go under general anesthesia, have the procedure and not be able to lift or work for 6 weeks. Was the best thing!!!!
  10. We do not have kids soon as that happens he is for sure getting nipped! We are looking for a surrogate now...hopefully that will happen sometime this year. GLad to hear your DH recovered so quickly!! Sweet!
  11. I think with the patch, you have a higher risk for blood clots, esp if you smoke. I think it's because of the higher dose of hormones. I was on the patch and then when I heard about that, I switched to NuvaRing. I'm not good at swallowing pills, even the tiny birth control pills, so I had a hard time taking the pill. I love the NuvaRing. Just put it in the first week, and all you have to remember to do is take it out 3 weeks later.
  12. B-controll pill!!! Seriously, you will be totally protected and have basically no period at all, especially if you go on it continuously. It is the greatest thing ever. I almost feel like knocking on wood so as not to jinx myself -- do it, you won't regret it:smile:
  13. You should stay away from the pill since you are over 35 and do smoke occasionally... I started taking it again when I was 35 a few years ago, and my blood pressure has gone up since then, so I now take medication for that. I think the pill is causing it, but I'm not ready to give it up yet....
  14. Is there anything out there that does NOT cause blood clots?
  15. Pidgeon's right. The risk for heart attack and blood clots is much higher for smokers. I would definitely ask about the copper IUD. Hormone free is the way to go. I'm thinking about looking into it myself.

    I also agree that's it's hard always having to "take one for the team" but in a way I feel better about it because I have control over it. I think on his side a vasectomy would be the safest method on his part.