Birth control pills


Mar 6, 2009
Which one do you use? I know every woman's body is different, and the pills work differenly on different women. First I was on ortho tricyclin, and I had problems with bloating and mood swings.. Seriously! I never had been that *****y in my life. Then I was on ortho tricyclin lo, and I absolutely loved it! Even though it contains same ingredients, the lower hormone level made such a difference for me.
However, I'm not in the States anymore.. and they don't offer ortho tryclcin lo anymore:sad: I'm thinking about trying yasmin, but i fear that those side effects will occur again since it has slighly different ingredients and the hormone level is slightly higher than ortho tricyclin lo, even though it is lower than that of ortho tricyclin.

Which one do you use? and if anyone who has had good experience with ortho tricyclin and also has tried yasmin, please share the story!