Birth Control Pills

  1. hello ladies! I've been on BC pills for 5 years now and never missed a day. Today I was driving and trying to take my pill at the same time. Well, I ended dropping the pill some where in my car and I can not, for the life of me, find it. Am I going to be okay if I just skip today?? Any advice is greatly appreciated!
  2. any one?
  3. I am on the pill...I am no medical expert, but I would just take the next one, then keep taking them until your next period, then you can get back on track.

    Remember, I am no Dr. Just a regular user like you.
  4. I'm not an expert.

    But I believe it's ok as long as you take your next pill on schedule and use backup protection for a few days.

    Of course, I also remember something about if you miss a pill, take the one you missed ASAP and then go back on your normal schedule. But if you don't have the pill to take...
  5. Thanks for the response. I just get super paranoid about these things:wondering
  6. I've never actually lost a pill.

    I miss pills every once in a while such as...I'll wake up in the morning and realize I didn't take it the night before....or I'll come home from work and look at my pack and realize I forgot to take it the night before....the longest I've ever gone I think is 2-3 days and then realized it. :push: :upsidedown:

    I've never had any issues. If you're worried just use an extra form of protection for 2-3 days and you will be fine. :p

    Doctors scare us to think that you have to take it EVERYDAY at "9pm" on the dot for it to be effective, but you don't have to be that demanding about it. It's nice for ladies to get into the habbit, a lot of ladies here set their cell phone alarms, but I take mine whenever I go to bed...which varies on any given day, and the time also varies.

    I've been on the pill for 10 years and I've been taking my pills this way the whole time. I've only had one scare and I caused it myself, I was stressed during my freshman year in college and I screwed my cycle up.

    No worries you'll be fine!!! :yahoo:
  7. do u have another pack of pill for the next month? if u do, then use that... then get another refill...
  8. I would call your DR. Skipping a pill will mess up the cycle, which can lead to you becoming pregnant if you are not using other protection. I don't know all of the stats or anything, but I would call the Dr to ask.
  9. The guy I'm dating and I use a condom. This is actually my last pack of pills. I need to call in some more soon. I had just started this pack, it is in the 1st week. Too bad it's saturday here or else I would call the Dr.
  10. Honestly if you're still in the first week of the pack, I think you'll be fine. Remember the pills are placed in the pack in a certain order, each with a different level of hormones, with the first and last weeks being the "weakest" in hormones so you body follows a "cycle." I think you'll be ok having missed only 1 day.

    I would just keep going with the pack, which I'm asuming you've already done.

    Since you and your guy also use condoms, you'll be fine. Your period might come a day or two early maybe. But other than that I don't think you have anything to worry about. :tup:
  11. Thanks Hello Kitty! I think I'll be fine too. I did take the next pill as I normally do today. Like I said earlier, I've never missed a day, so I just freaked. hehehe :biggrin:

    Also, I didn't know that pills had different levels of hormones depending on the week. I learned something new!
  12. :flowers:Yeah, the first few days work your body into the cycle and increase as the cycle continues and then the last few pills work you body through the end and single for you to have a period.

    I had a friend in high school that wanted to try and hide her pills from her mom :upsidedown: and thought she could put them in a asprin bottle:girlsigh:, but you can't mix up the days because each pill has "X" amount of hormones in them to work you body through the 28 day cycle.

    Hope all goes well, if you're still at all uneasy, like you mentioned, you could call your doc when they open on Monday. :tup:
  13. I had a little bit of spotting today. I figure its because of the missed pill? Haven't got a chance to call the Dr. yet.
  14. Don't know if you resolved this or not, but for future ref.:

    If you forgot to take a pill, take it as soon as you can, and continue with your usual schedule. Use protection until the end of your BC cycle.
  15. ^^^ I think she said that in one of her previous posts. :tup:

    But she didn't forget to take it, she accidently dropped the pill altogether. :angel::whistle: Those suckers can be hard to find!!!! I've been lucky and found all the ones I've dropped. :upsidedown: