Birth control pills- not 100% effective?

  1. Hi everyone, I have a question to ask- I realllly do not want to get pregnant. I just do not want children at this time in my life. I am on the pill and I take it every day at the same time. Since I'm so paranoid, I used to also use the lubricated jelly with spermicide, but I seemed to develop an allergy to it and it was itching and burning on use. I've heard stories about people getting pregnant on the pill- is that only if you miss one, or don't take it at the same time every day? Am I freaking out needlessly?:confused1: thanks!
  2. Birth control pills have something like a 99.9% effectiveness, but that is only with PERFECT use, which sounds like you are doing. I have taken BC pills for 12 years and I can tell you, i never once had an accidental pregnancy, even when I forgot a pill, or took it a little later.

    If you are worried about consistency in pill taking, maybe you could try something like the Nuva Ring...
  3. Thanks Jen- yes I think I can say I have perfect use- never miss any, take it at precisely the same time. I'm happy with the pill and have no side effects. I did research the Ring and Implant and the side effects scared me- I read something about the Ring that said it had 3x the risk of heart attack and stroke.
  4. i think you'll be okay, but i was also super paranoid too (so i totally understand).

    i think the big fear of nuva ring and ones like that are blood clots. and, like i say in every bc thread, i had a pulmonary embolism last year that nearly killed me. so please weigh the pros and cons because i didn't have any predisposition to it.
  5. I heard the same thing about the ring, due to it being absorbed directly through body contact... the implant is scary, would never do it! If you continue to take your pills the way you do, I don't think you have anything to worry about. Try reading the little packet that comes with them, they give the effectiveness % in there as well. :smile:
  6. you should be fine since you take it every day and at the same time. but if you miss taking the pills often then you should use a condom.
  7. If you are taking low dose pills or progestin only pills, I think you have to be stricter with the doses (have to be within 2-3 hours of the time you take it daily or it counts as a "missed pill"). For the other pills, I guess "regular" pills, you can be a little more lenient without the effectiveness dropping.
  8. I've been on and off the pill for about 6 years now (only off for a short period when I was sans SO!) and have never had a problem with unplanned pregnancies. When I was casually dating, I always used a condom too (just in case), but now that I'm in a long-term relationship, we never bother with the condoms anymore. I take mine at the same time every day, just like you, and it's never been an issue.
  9. Whew, thanks ladies for calming my fears! Vanojr- I've been with my DH for a total of 8 years, while we dated for 6 years we used condoms but since we've been married for 2 years I've just used the pill. I'll just make sure I keep taking it at the same time every day and try not to be such a worrywart!
    What scares me is when I hear those stories about women who were pregnant for months and didn't have any idea- I've heard two of these stories from friends- (don't know how true they are) but I guess some women have very few physical issues during pregnancy.
  10. I was actually reading about this the other day and want to alert all girls that just because you take the BC pill, it only means you'll be protected from unexpected pregnancies, not STD! So please play it safe! :smile:
  11. ^^Very good point. A lot of women neglect STD protection and just worry about getting pregnant, but STDs can have a significant impact on your life and your partner's life.
  12. Definitely, it's very important to get a pap smear each year as well as being tested for STD's.
  13. The only way to ensure that you will not become pregnant is to refrain from having sex.

    Unfortunately, yes, you can get pregnant while on the pill even if you take it at the exact same time every single day.
  14. I've been on the pill for 10 years now and have never had a pregnancy scare.

    Is it POSSIBLE to get pregnant while on the pill? Yes.

    Is it likely?? No.
  15. Nothing is 100% against preventing pregnancy except for abstaining.

    My avatar is a result of me getting sick while on the pill.

    If you are really worried, why not use the BCP and condoms?