birth control..just to avoid a period?

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  1. Do you think its "safe" to take birth control just because you dont want your period?
  2. To each their own. I'm on the depo shot, and haven't had my period in 6 months. Of course, i don't take it to avoid periods ;).
  3. One of the reasons I started taking birth control was to REGULATE my period... I'm on a low hormone pill.. I get my period ever month on the same day around the same time... for like 3 days.

    A lot of women take the pill just to regulate their cycle.
  4. I tried to take Seasonale ( I think that's how it's spelled), but it made me have light bleeding all month long. I tried it for 3 months, it was insane. Now I'm on Yasmin, and so far so good. As far as it being "safe" to be on a b.c. method in order to not have a period, it would depend on what the doctor thinks. Some people have health risks, and shouldn't take certain medications.
  5. ^^ Something about not having a period every month just seems unhealthy to me... besides... what if you happen to get pregnant... I mean, you have no way of knowing!

    I've heard of other girls having bleeding on that 4 period a month stuff, too.

    I'm on generic Yasmin, I think. hehe.
  6. OMG, I was just thinking of this! I'm going to Hawaii next month & just realized the trip is right when I should be on my period! I was SO upset when I realized this (who wants to go swimming, lay on a beach bloated & cranky??), so I was thinking of using Nuvaring. My co-worker uses it & says you insert it for 3 weeks, then on the 4th, take it out & you get your period. So I figured I'd use it right before I left so I'll be period-free for sure! She assures me it really works.
  7. Luna! That is exactly what I was thinking about not knowing if you were pregnant or not... I had a scare a few months ago and made an appointment asap and my dr was like ooh sometimes your pill makes women skip their period completely and I freaked out over it! I guess as much as I hate it, I do like the big *phew* no baby here relief that comes with it. I think if you are planning around a vacation or wedding why not take them continually to skip a period... however, I had a friend have a very bad reaction to that as well... which makes me think it also isn't worth it. But then some of my friends love Seasonale... I guess to each their own, right?
  8. I'm thinking of going on the patch to avoid periods but I think my parents will freak.
  9. if u want to stop it temporarily because of a holiday or an event.. there is a something you can take.. its called primptol or something like that ( will get name from my mum) you take it for ten days 3 times a day and it stops your period HOWEVER it is not a birth control pill it just delays your period for you for occasions like this ....

    i was thinking of goin on yasmin to helo mme lose weight
  10. No is my answer. Women are supposed to have their period every single month. That is how our bodies work. We are supposed to ovulate and have a period. It is part of life. So if you change that, I can only imagine how awful it truly can be for your system. Just use tampons... they are no biggie. I really feel WAY too many people are prescribed the pill and they are now finding many negative effects...
  11. I switched over to Seasonale in the beginning of the year. The only reason I switched was to get only 4 periods a year. I have not had any problems with breakthrough bleeding, etc. But i have noticed that when I get towards the end of the 3rd month about a week before I'm supposed to start the sugar pills I feel really rundown. I don't know if it has anything to do with the seasonale or not. I have an appt with my dr on monday so I will definitely be asking if that is a side effect.

    Before the switch I was on Yasmin. There were a couple times that I skipped the sugar pills and just went straight to the new pack so that I could avoid getting my period during vacation, etc.

    Definitely discuss your situation with your OB/GYN because there are a lot of side effects the pill can cause and restrictions to taking it if you are a smoker or have a history of blood clots, etc. One of my friends started the pill to avoid her period and ended up with blood clots in her legs. She was fine but it could've been a really bad situation. Its not worth risking your overall health to avoid your period :yes:
  12. I get really bad headaches right before I start so my gynecologist gave me the okay to only have a period once every three months. She said that is prefectly acceptable and will not cause any harm to me.
  13. My doctor had me on Yasmin and I was instructed by her (and my neurologist) to take it straight through (skipping the sugar pills) for 3 months straight. I get migraines that are often exacerbated by my menstral cycle.

    So they came up with the plan-- so I'd have a period every 3 months. I didn't have any problems with break through bleeding or feeling run down.

    Now I'm off it trying to get pregnant...

    But it was a major help especially when I had functions where I didn't want a period, I would just skip the sugar and start with the new pack.

    Megs, my doctors were going by medical studies that show that women don't "need" or "have to" have their period every month-- that there is no scientific reason why we had to menstrate. And that it is recommended that women can prevent menstration safely for up to 3 months straight (this was before Seasonale was released).

    Just letting y'all know what worked for me, and was recommended and encouraged by my doctors. (Granted I have no medical history that would go against this recommendation... maybe certain histories would?)
  14. How funny lelgin! We must've been typing our response at the same time! Hope your migraines are helped by the 3 month cycles... it really helped mine!
  15. I've been taking Tricyclen for years now and I actually double up on packs so that I only get my period once every 2 months instead of every single month.

    My doctor and pharmacist said that it's completely fine to do this and will not do anything bad to you. I also have several friends who do the same thing and were also told by their doctors that there is nothing wrong with doing this. I've been told by docs that a woman only needs 4 periods/year to be healthy.