Birth Control - Going from Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo to generic Ortho Tri Cyclen

  1. YIKES... this comment makes me want to not only switch meds but switch doctors! I was losing patience in my doctor to begin with and then he basically forced me to take this prescription when I asked for another option. I wonder why he's still giving this Rx out.

    I PM'ed you :smile:
  2. ^^ NO, nono... I wasn't trying to say your doc is bad or you're going to be crazy like I was or anything. Every medication is different for every patient. You said you just started right....? Give it the month and then see what you want to do. Who knows. You might love it!

    And keep a journal - because look, if in fact you do have some weird side effect (mood swings, etc) that counts as a FAILURE.....and your insurance should cover the Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo. (Ohhh, the things insurance companies don't tell you.......) PM me in a month if you need my help!!
  3. woah.. you're saying that if the generic of ortho tri cyclen gives me bad side effects, they will have to pay for the Ortho Tri Cyclen lo???
  4. In most cases, yes.

    For example, a LOT of insurances won't pay for branded (aka more expensive or "newer" drugs) without the patient going through a generic or "old school" medication. If however, the patient has a failure, which can be anything from the medicine gives the patient migraines, nightmares, even dry mouth, etc..... that constitutes a failure and when the doctor has it DOCUMENTED (so call him and tell him to put this in your chart) you'll then get the OTCL. And from what you PM'd me, it looks like your insurance plan has OTCL at the highest copay right now.....

    ---this isn't a promise...... but I hope it can work for you. UNLESS of course you love the pill you've got! You shouldn't worry right now, you've only taken one pill!
  5. That is very interesting because I didn't think that insurance companies can deny payment if that is the brand the doctor specifically prescribed. And you know how sometimes on the Rx sheet it says "Substitute or Don't Substitute", and the doctor will check off "Don't Substitute"? :T

    I never had an insurance company deny payment but at least now I know it's a possibility!
  6. ^^ If you or your doctor specifies "Dispense As Written" or "DAW" in a certain place on the Rx, you will get exactly what the doc orders.

    In my state, it's the law that pharmacists MUST switch to a generic (cheaper) alternative unless the doctor specifies "DAW". So for my Rx's that I want brand, I make sure to write "DAW" so I don't get generics. For Rx's that I will take generics for (antibiotics, decongestants, etc.) I don't write anything and usually I get a medication on the $4 list at my local Target.

    Insurance companies deny, deny, deny all day, every day......... believe me, I've seen plenty of doctors screaming into the phone -- but EACH formulary is different, so unless you know exactly what is covered on your plan (and who does?!) it's sometimes a guessing game until you're at the pharmacy.

    In fact, a few insurance companies in this state deny EVERY SINGLE Rx or procedure the first time it's submitted. Only if you decide to fight them can you ever get anything taken care of. This helps them save money, because most people will just cave and do something else instead of arguing with them.

    I have the best insurance in the world, and work for a giant drug company.... and still, I've had certain things denied! It's frustrating...... but also fun to work through -- sort of like figuring out the mystery! If I can help anymore, just PM me.
  7. Another generic of the OTC (not low) is Tri Sprintec, which is what I take. I can't remember what weird side effect I had from the Trinessa but it was bad. I had to switch to a different pharmacy completely since the one I went to didn't even stock my preferred generic! :p
  8. Sorry I missed the nuance in your first post of "lo" vs. "not lo."

    I realize that a lot of women have bad side effects from different pills. All I can say is that I have taken both of those pills, plus a myriad of other brands (including TriNessa) and I haven't had any of the side effects you're worried about. And I will age myself here, but I have been on BC pills for over 20 years almost nonstop.

    On another note though, if you don't like your interaction with your doctor, then by all means go to another one who listens and understands what they're prescribing. This is again my personal opinion but I would never feel comfortable going to a male doctor for anything "female related."
  9. On the Rx my doctor put a big X in that box. And he knew I was asking for the generic because I told him the actual brand was too expensive for me. I wasn't sure if the big X meant "no" as in do not dispense as written because if he wanted it dispensed as written I'd think he would have put a check mark or a smaller x. No clue.
  10. Tri Sprintec is the one I just started.
  11. My mom has been using this doctor for years and he was the one who delivered me so that's why I go to him. I guess I always liked him because my mom did, and even after I moved from Long Island to CT, I still went to him because there aren't many places in CT that took my mom's insurance. But now that I'm under my own insurance and had this experience witht he Rx, I'm thinking of switching.

    (does anybody know how to quote multiple people in one post?)
  12. I've taken both OTC-lo and the regular OTC, and did not see any negative side effects from either pill. I agree with the above posters, I would just monitor your body for the next 3 months and see how you feel (since it can take up to 3 months for birth control to go fully into effect/regulate your hormones).
  13. Ortho try cyclene lo and Tri-Sprintec are two different drugs. I had some insurance issues and they switched me to Tri-Sprintec. This was horrible I gained 10 lb in my first 2 mo, I became very moody and the biggest *****, got pimples all over my chest/forehead/back (i was comletely clear skinned), plus the cellulite on my legs started popping up because of all extra water. Oh, and there is another one I stopped wanting sex! I was yelling at my BF instead.

    Please take note that Tri-Sprintec is effective for all women with weight below 240 lb (or something like that)! OTC lo is only 180lb. This is more than double my size. I was 110 when my Ob switched me. There is no way I was needing that much of medication. So it depends on how your body reacts. I also gained weight on the OTC lo but only 5lbs.

    Good luck!

  14. Hi, I found you post and it gave me hope! I use to be on Ortho-tricyclen Lo, then my insurance switched and I've been taking Tri-Sprintec for the last 1.5yrs. I hate the way it makes me feel (moodswings, tired, facial hair!!) and would love to go back on OTL but it's too expensive $60/month. Can you help me figure out how to get my insurance to cover OTL for the same co-pay as Tri-sprintec since it's not the same drug and there is no generic for OTL. I've called and researched on the web and found nothing but dead ends until I read your post. I currenlty have United Health Care PPO - in CA. Thanks!!
  15. I know that this thread is a couple months old, but I just found it today while searching the generic form of Ortho tri cyclen lo on google. I just picked up my refill today and was surprised that it was switched to a new generic form of OTCL called Tri-Lo Sprintec. It was a big price difference I was paying about $19 a month, now $4. I haven't started the pack yet, I start tomorrow. I just wanted to let you know that there is now a generic form of Ortho tri-cyclen lo.