Birth control as beauty regime?

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  1. Anyone here uses birth control pills as part of your beauty regime? I heard that the pills help control the oil and hormones - is that true? i thought of using it because i am prone to acne esp. when i am stressed out, dont get enough sleep or when my period is coming. plus, my period only comes once every TWO months, so i wanted to regulate it too. :blush:

    any recommendation on brands, an also how to use/eat it? thanks!
  2. I know some doctors will prescribe the pill (only certain ones) to help with acne issues. I'd check with a doctor first as to whether it is suitable for you and which ones are best.
  3. I'm on Yasmin, and it really makes a difference for me. I went off it for 2 months, and had a major break outs. I have irregular periods, too. The yasmin helps with that as well.
  4. I want to get on birth control...Not really for the obvious reason but because it would make my skin look really nice, put some weight on my bony body, and I wouldn't be debilitated with cramps every time I got my period.
  5. thanks cal and melissa.

    wolfgang, birth control doesnt make us put on weight! does it?
  6. Birth control shouldn't make you put on weight. Not the pill, anyway. Depo Provera is known to cause weight gain, though because it increases the appetite. The Pill can cause breast growth though, so it will make a woman look more curvy! I never thought of the Pill as a beauty regimen but I guess it helps my skin a bit.
  7. breast growth? :/

    personally, i once thought of going for a breast reducement surgery. lol. crazy isnt it? it's not that i have huge breast but it's bcuz i am small (short).. only 5 feet.. 96 lbs with a 32C.. so i certainly wouldnt want mine to grow. have to rethink birth control then..
  8. I'm on Yasmin for 2 wks....i think it does help...along with retin a micro, chemical peels and whitening products to banish those old spots. I recommend U to do salicylic acid beta peel first for few times. Birth control is your last cure if nuthin helps like mine. My acne is hormonal, tried everythin in the market. My last hope is BC. We'll see after 3 mths.
  9. Some of my friends on birth control have noticed a definite change in their skin. Depending on the brand/type of birth control you get, it really clears your skin and makes it "glow" hah. Also, another one of my friends did notice her boobs got substantially larger while on it. So I guess yay for that... though personally, I wouldn't go on birth control solely for the purpose of those things. They can also make you pretty moody.
  10. I haven't noticed any change in my acne and I've been on the same pill for about 5 years now. It is suppose to be one of those that helps clear up the skin as well. I still have oily skin and blackheads. I wouldn't go on the pill solely for beauty sake that is for sure. The pill can cause a lot of undesired side effects that I wish I had known about before deciding to go on it. Biggest ones being mood swings and low libido. I need to switch to another pill fast!!! Just a fair warning.
  11. i'm on the pill and my skin has gotten a lot better than how it was!
  12. I've never taken the pill for that particular use, but I did notice that any blemishes I had disappeared with time. They came back for my period, and then it was all clear skin again! I'd see a doctor first though. I also read somewhere that birth control pills mixed with shampoo made your hair stronger. I don't know if it's true though, never tried it!
  13. Ha ha I know, I went from a C to a D. But again, it doesn't affect people the same way. I have friends who would love to have gained a cup size and nothing happened when they went on the Pill.
  14. I have to take the Pill as hormone therapy. (I was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure.)

    The Pill helped me go through my natural . . . um . . . processes (including breast growth).
  15. I've considered the Pill for my hormonal acne as well, but after hearing A LOT of horror stories of the major breakout people had when they came off the Pill really put me off. I still have a brand new pack of Yasmin that I never found the courage to try. Maybe have your derm prescribe some minocycline to see if that helps first.