Birth announcements!

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  1. What do you ladies think of these birth announcements? Should I use them or do another card/design with like hospital photos? What are your honest thoughts on them? Do they look professional or like I did them myself? ImageUploadedByPurseForum1394522633.284537.jpg
  2. that is sooo adorable ... i say go with it ...

    and congrats x
  3. Oh, I really like these. Baby looks so happy and I really like the "L". I definitely say go with these!
  4. Thank you ladies!!! I wasn't sure if they looked stupid or if they didn't look right for birth announcements since they aren't hospital photos or photos from him being a couple days old lol....
  5. This is adorable! Love it :smile:
  6. It's beautiful. Your photos and the layout of the card are quite professional looking IMO. I actually like these pix better than the usual hospital photos. You do nice work!!!

    p.s. he's as cute as can be!
  7. Beautiful! And I love the name you chose :smile:
  8. Thank you so much ladies!!! Thats totally made my day I was really worried they looked tacky haha....I'm totally not camera savvy but those photos came out so good! And with my iPhone I took them. Yes I agree I'm not a huge fan of hospital photos. Just didn't know if the baby needs to be like newborn for birth announcements...I really don't think there is a rule tho. Also thank you for the compliment about the name! Me and my husband couldn't decide on a name and Enzo was the only name we could agree on. And Giovanni is my grandfathers name and he was born on my grandfather Bday so that's why we picked that for the middle name.
  9. I think your announcements are beautiful!! :smile: They don't look tacky at all
  10. I get compliments all the time on photos I take with my iPhone - people will never know! LOL

    Especially in this day and age of iPhone photographers, apps that help you edit, filters that improve lighting conditions... phone cameras are not what they used to be!
  11. That's precious!!!
  12. I completely agree with the new tech with camera phones! It's crazy I don't even take out my camera anymore lol....and I found this new app that I'm loving called photo toaster it has all these filters it's a really good app!
  13. Thank you everyone for all your replies!
  14. Your card is so precious. I say go ahead and use this.
  15. Very cute. Just get some nice paper material to print them on and you're set. Congrats.