Birth Announcements

  1. Another etiquette question here... if you receive a birth announcement, is it an unwritten rule that you must send a baby gift?
  2. NO! Absolutely not! I sent about 75 birth announcements out with my son and I didn't feel that anyone felt they had to send a gift in return. Some were people who had already chosen to give gifts either at my shower, when my son was born or both. Others were people who never sent a gift, which is fine. Not what I was looking for. Just wanted to show my beautiful son and the fact that I had the CUTEST announcement ever!!!!:smile:
  3. Nope. Absolutely not. If you are close to the people who sent it to you and/or you WANT to send a gift, then by all means, do so! If you don't want to but want to acknowledge the birth, send a nice card or even a handwritten note on nice note paper. I know I kept ALL the card/notes we got when our son was born!

    Now... the bigger etiquette question: thank you notes.... YES!! A thankyou note is a rule when you receive a gift...! (Maybe i'm just showin' my age on that one.)
  4. no, no, no!
    Us Momma's just like shouting it from the rooftops!
  5. ^^ TRUE THAT!!! :tup:
  6. Bagsaremybabies what brand of announcements did you send out?
  7. Ok, then is it a generational thing, b/c my mom and MIL both are telling me I need to send a baby gift for every announcement. If that is the case, I will be broke in 6 months... my friends are a fertile bunch!
  8. I am one of those people who sends a gift with every announcement too!
  9. oh dear! Mom's do not expect that:nogood:
    This has actually never even entered my head until I read this thread!
    A card is more than sufficient!
  10. Please send my your addy, your announcement will arrive in May! LOL!

    All joking aside, with my first, I NEVER expected to get a gift from anyone who I sent an announcement to.
    My little girl was the cutest baby EVER and I needed to share her that with the world!