Birth Announcement--I'm the proud "Mom" of TRIPLETS?!

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What should I do with the Sophia triplets?

  1. Return the Sophia in Toffee

  2. Return the Sophia in Crimson

  3. Keep all 3 Sophias--and return the Lexi tote in Quartz

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. So, I did it again...I fell in LOVE with the Sophia line and brought home two more "sisters" for my Gathered Leather Sophia in black.
    Below are pics of the new arrivals, (along with the gathered leather Sophia that I revealed last week). I love them all--
    Patent Large Sophia #15915 in Crimson ($398 before PCE):love:,
    Embossed Exotic Large Sophia in Toffee #15954 ($598 before PCE) :heart:
    Sophia Large Gathered Leather #15947 :cloud9:($598 before PCE).


    I have a bag from the outlet that I purchased back in early June (tags still on and I have receipt)
    for my Lexi Leather Tote (#14055) in Quartz ($428.00 before all discounts--$192.00 after all discounts at outlet--bag in last pic below).
    She was quite a deal--the leather is very beautiful, the color, quite unique, the built in top handle very different than any other bag I currently have.

    I already snipped tags and used the Gathered Leather Sophia...she's here to stay. SO...:shrugs:
    --Do I keep only 1 of the new Sophia sisters--and if so, which one should go back: Toffee or Crimson????:confused1:
    --Or do I return the Lexi tote--and keep all 3 Sophias????:shrugs:

    Please, help me decide!:confused1: I really appreciate your ideas!!!!

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  2. I voted keep the Sophia's~:graucho:
  3. Here's also some individual pics of the bags I'm deciding on....

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  4. Return the lexi. I do not like that bag. The sophias are gorgeous. Love them!!!!
  5. I second that.
  6. I would keep all the sophia's and return the lexi. The sophia's are very diff from each other and stunning. I personally do not like the lexi there is no wow factor at all with that bag. Good luck with your decision.
  7. Yeah the lexi is pretty blah....
  8. I voted to keep the Sophia's. They are all different types of leather and colors, so not really too similar except for the style. Plus you said that you love them, so I think that is reason enough to keep them all.
  9. return lexi, keep sophias
  10. I say keep the sophias. the lexi is cute but not very practical
  11. I'm not a fan of the Lexi...I vote to keep all three of your GORGEOUS Sophias!!:graucho:
  12. I agree. Keep the sophias. So beautiful!!!
  13. I vote return Crimson Sophia and keep the Quartz Lexi. My reason? 2 Sophias are more than enough and Lexi will add variety to your collection ;)
  14. Return the Lexi. You have the best of the Sophias...congrats!
  15. I was thinking this, too...Just was worried that 3 bags in the same style would be too much but I also thought that they are very different, too, from one another. Thanks for your ideas! (Love the bag in your avatar--did you get her? And congrats again on your new LV--DDG!)