Birmingham, AL Saks

  1. I went there today, and they had quite a few bags on the final cut. They had a Chloe Edith for under $500 (can't remember the exact price. but i think it was round $450), they also had a larger Chloe with multiple pockets, but I am not familiar with enough of them to knwo the names. They had several Andrew Marc, tons of Isabella Fiore, a few Koobas, Elliot Lucca, Cole Haan, a couple Mui Mui, and Juicy. These are just the ones that I remember. I'm sorry that I am not as familiar with some of the names, though all the Koobas are posted over in the Kooba forum (I got a slate nina for $170!!). You might want to give them a call if you or interested, or hop on over there if you live nearby!
  2. Thanks, great info.