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Birkins Spotted In New Movie "Inside Man" w/Denzel and Jodie Foster!

Jan 18, 2006
Just got back from seeing Inside Man with Denzel and Jodie Foster! Jodie gives another STELLAR performance while looking AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL AND she rocks the MOST AMAZING Birkins in this movie!

Seriously, here is my husband sitting next to me when the FIRST Birkin appears on the screen (LOUD whispering and hard elbow nudging going on here), "Oh MAN! Is that a Birkin?!?!??! That's a Birkin, isn't it?!?!? Is that a Birkin?!?!? Is that what you want?!?!? That's a GREAT bag and GREAT color!" :nuts:

He sorta flipped out when the first one showed up! I had to calm him down. It was GORGEOUS! A burnt orange color in a LARGE size! And she looked AMAZING carrying it! Seriously! I've never seen her look so good!

Then later on in the movie she has ANOTHER ONE but this one is also big but black and of course, FABULOUS!

Anyway, if you're a fan of Jodie Foster, Denzel (of course!):love: and Birkins - go see this movie! Oh....and yes.... it's a GREAT movie!



Mar 17, 2006
We saw this movie tonight (it was an amazing bank heist thriller) but Jodie's bags were too die for!

I don't know much about Hermes bags. Could someone more informed than me please tell me which make and size and color her Birkins were?
Jan 18, 2006
Everlong said:
hehe thats so cute that your husband was nudging you when he saw the birkin. maybe he will be supirsing you with one!

Thanks! Yes, he is really cute in that way! When he knows there is something I want, he gets very excited for me. Just as excited if not more so than me! He is a habitual bag watcher in general as well as shopping nut just like me! I'm very lucky to have him.:love:

We are planning our strategy on when I can get one. So for now, we are looking at colors and trying to figure out where to start looking for them. At suppose at this point that I just need to plan on hitting the boutiques and getting to know the SA's to find out about shipments and such.

This site is soooo helpful for finding information to get me started! I love being here! :smile:
Jan 18, 2006
Weren't they beautiful?!? Thanks for the heads up on what you think the size and color may be. I am in the beginning stages of shopping for one so that is very helpful.

I guess they did look a bit large on her. But they looked great! I love larger sized bags!