Birkins/Kellys on Bluefly??

  1. Whaa..
  2. people have had problems with bluefly in the past, some fake Bbags and spys if i remember correctly, i often look at their stuff, and question it but im not knowledgeable enough to give straight answer. the above look suss
  3. Wow Blufly :wtf: went one big step further with their H inventory. Yes, we've heard about fakes on Blfl but...these Hermes bags ARE GONE NOW :nuts:
  4. OMG...I've purchased from Bluefly and my bags have been authentic.....but this is really unbelievable. Can it be real??? :wtf::shrugs:
  5. They have pages upon pages of discounted Hermes pieces, bags, scarves , boots, shoes and wallets just to name a few all at 10 - 40 percent discount. :push: I wasn't aware Hermes discounted with online Vendors...Like Bluefly. Thought it was only for the Designers that have massive excess stock.

    Guess I'll have to start watching this site for discount Louis Vuitton....:shrugs:
  6. Wow!!!!
  7. ohh i missed it.. how much were the birkins??
  8. the first one is still available for 7500 or so. do birkins- even the 50s or travel ones- have fabric lining? because the second two say they do and the first one says leather...
  9. Is this for real?? I am still amazed ...
  10. H...I was in Boston Hermes this past weekend and they had an all leather 50cm Travel Birkin that was lined with leather inside also! Beautiful Birken piece. I'm sure the residents experts here could speak to different linings a bit better than I who is a sheer Hermes novice. :smile:
  11. ^ I'm are really starting to doubt the authenticity now, the kelly is called a birkin, and it has the messenger rings, when a 50 kelly doesn't have a messenger strap since its so large? Did H just decide to keep the designs uniform for no logical reason?
  12. They also have a lot of scarves today, too! A black plume is now in the handbag section.
  13. Both HAC and Birkin are $7560
  14. Hmmmmm ....