Birkins/Kellys as Art

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  1. I was just thinking about how we all love to see pictures of these beautiful handbags. Does anyone have pictures of Hermes items that they use as artwork for decoration?

    I woould love a beautiful picture of a croc Birkin that could be framed and hung. Imagine a series of a few bags that catch your eye clustered together on a wall that you can admire as you pass.

    I was reading the other thread where five women were spotted with their croc Birkins and the idea popped into my head. It would be so great to have a professional picture of those five croc Birkins to frame. Call me crazy, but I have saved advertisements before with pictures of Birkins that I loved. If the pictures were better I would have already framed them.

    Am I the only one like this?
  2. I'm not sure about the bags, but maybe a beautifully printed scarf.
  3. I have about two dozen Hermes scarves. I've often thought about framing one as art (a new one) but I don't have the wallspace!
  4. I'm thinking of framing pictures of babies or pregnant mothers with their birkins.......since a birkin was originally invented as a diaper bag. I think it looks gorgeous with all the little babies posing next to birkin.

    [p.s. by the way, I do regret of not taking the pics of 5 women with their croc birkins. Should have just take the risk.......]
  5. IFFAH...
    you know what? I bet if you asked those five women and you told them you loved their bags and you wanted a pic they probably would have. I think with the best light outside you would have had an amazing pic with those croc bags.
    I have become more bold in my older age (hee hee ) and I just go for it when my gut tells me too. It never seems to mail me (m gut that is) and then I don't have any regrets.
    Sort of like how I feel I will walkright into the House of Hermes and just be up front with the SA and tell her what I would like.:P
  6. My H boutique has a framed orange Bolduc scarf. Lovely!
  7. I guess the idea of scarves framed seems to be more of a pleasant idea. They are a piece of art to a degree.
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