Birkins/Kelly in HK

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  1. Went to check out the resellers in HK. I don't think I have ever seen so many birkins and kellys in one shop! Even the croc versions (eg. black croc with fuschia strap) were on display. But the prices were like 20-30% higher - the bags were in pristine condition (un-used). It really makes you wonder if people just got into the waiting list, get their bags and then sell it immediately to earn a small profit. :cursing:

    I personally wouldnt pay the (significant) premium and still have to deal with the niggling doubt that it might be a good fake.... nothing beats buying from HERMES store

    Still it was a sight to behold... all the colors of the Hermes rainbow on display... and somewhat ironic as the Hermes shop was just a stroll down the street and they only had a brown box kelly on display.
  2. hi archangel. i've never seen a single kelly or birkin on the shelves at the hermes shops in hong kong. well, i never asked if they had any since i had no intentions of purchasing anyway. but the resellers indeed have many bags available.
  3. I have seen kellys and the travel birkins/HAC (40 cm and above) in my various visits to Hermes HK... but just one or 2 and they typically disappear within a few days.... but only at the resellers have I seen approx 20 birkins & kellys on display
  4. Is there any info on when some of the bags in the resellers' shops were manufactured? Are they older?
    The high degree of reverse engineering skills in China/HK combined with the vast abundance of coveted Hermes bags in reseller shops does make me wonder about the authenticity of the merchandise displayed. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that they are all fake. All I am saying is that somehow it doesn't really add up for me.
  5. Hello, these resellers have people buying all over the world from what I gather.
  6. ^^ hermesgroupie is right. a lot of these stores have buyers that fly to europe to purchase bags which they bring back and jack the prices up. it's funny because there really are quite a lot of birkins and kellys on display at these stores but i think most of them are real. i an't be 100% sure, but there are a few highly reputable stores which have sold real designer bags for a few years.
  7. HG, I think you are right. Based on my conversation with Mika, Mika's store primarily goes and buys these bags from Europe. It wasn't clear to me whether they purchased them directly from H or if they have *buyers* in Europe from whom they purchase.
  8. Quite honestly, I find this outrageous. OK to each his own and it's obviously a business model that works for them but I can understand Hermes not being fond of resellers and if it is really that easy to buy Birkins/Kellys in also exotic leathers / unusual combinations that were obviously SO, then they shoudl tighten their sales policy even more.
  9. There is a Japanese reseller who blogs about his 'adventures' trying to acquire Birkins for the Japan market. He specializes in Black and Gold Birkins and travels a few times a month to Paris, from where he sometimes travels to other European countries to try his luck. He has people working for him that live in Europe and he also is able to get his hands on a list of what's available at the boutiques before he goes. He is instantly recognized and disliked at the Paris Hermes shops and has to resort to devious means to get the shops to sell to him. (Example: He does not ask for a tax refund or he gets his henchmen to do the buying) I think he is still a small timer though and shops like the one at Mika works have connections with the European VIP customes who supply them with the special Birkins. She admits in her blog that it is an impossible task for them to stock the variety they have just by making buying trips to Hermes boutiques.

    I think the HK resellers probably have the similar networks in Europe, although I've heard that there are HK VVIPs who are allowed to order all the bags they want with just a phone call to the Mothership, so they may be another source as well.
  10. I guess it's tough for Hermes to screen all their customers...even the VIPs who buy for their own enjoyment may deign to sell a few of their bags after they get tired of them or of a particular color...

    These resellers have been around for so long, so there must be sufficient people around who are able and willing to plonk so much more than retail price and not worry about the fact that they could be paying top dollar for fakes.... i don't understand it but like you said, its obviously a business model that works...
  11. I have to agree with you hello. While I respect many of the resellers on ebay I don't think I would ever feel comfortable paying $12,000 for a bag that is $7400 in the boutique.
  12. It's possible that they come and buy their bags in Europe but even here the lists are very long! Everything that is Kelly, Birkin or Haut à Courroies is 12 or 18 months. The good part is of course that the lines are not closed. However, it is impossible to go to the shop and just buy a Kelly. In the Brussels boutique there are àlways kelly's and birkins displayed, from a vert anis ostrich kelly 32 to HAC 36 in Black Porosus croc.
  13. I had a frank conversation with the owner of Voyages when I was last in Paris. He admitted to having a "friend' who's also a VIP customer at the mothership. She supplies him with all the Birkins and gets a 500 euros cut. He then sells them directly to his Japanese clients like Mika for another 2000 euros mark up.

    I have seen Kellys on display a number of times when I was in Hong Kong. No Birkin 30s or 35s though. A lovely SA was prepared to put my name on the waiting list. It takes 7 years to get a Birkin!
  14. Wow, so interesting. It is no wonder we have to wait for our SOs.
  15. That's why some people resort to buying from these resellers - cut the waiting time. I've been desperate myself at some time of other and when I'm in these countries, I'm dying to just go in there and buy a few of those delicious Birkins and Kellys, but common sense always prevail.

    The Hong Kong, Japanese and Singaporean ones are legit as far as I know.

    I chatted with a Singaporean reseller before about authenticity and I was told that the Singapore resellers have to register with the Singapore Police and are mmonitored constantly. They put up some kind of "collateral" with the Police (about US$385,000) in case they sell a fake and a case is brought against them, then they forfeit this sum of money immediately. In turn this money will be used to protect the buyer and dispense legal costs.

    Other countries I'm not so sure, e.g. I'll never dare to buy from a China reseller (sorry if there are any China users here).