Birkins in OK! Magazine this Week

  1. This week in OK mag, Julia Roberts is carrying a greenish gray birkin and a pregnant Brooke Shields is carrying a cognac (not sure of color) birkin while playing with her daughter.
  2. Yep...saw it. OK mag sure gets all kinds of goodies in there.

    Hey, have you been?
  3. I am ok, kellybag. Just trying to stay out of trouble. No more purchases for awhile. Enjoying my bags.
  4. Good for you and you should enjoy them to the fullest! I just miss your energy...but I guess you had reason a few weeks back!
  5. All right, I will try to come up with some new Hermes "deep thoughts". For example, have you noticed the sides of Hermes Birkins stretch out after some use? I am at work now so I can't post photos, but if you have access to some photos taken of Ashley Olsen and Martha Stewart's bags, take a look at the sides. I had a freak out session because my chevre birkin is wrinkling on the sides! I took a look at my box birkin and it is not as bad, but some wrinkling too!
  6. Birkinbaby, if you look on my showcase my mothers Birkin has collapse during the last 4 years, it is wrinkled and very soft looking now. And yes it's authentic, she had a couple of Hermes bags my sisters and I distributed equally. I would have preffered her Croc Birkin but my sister got to that one first. But back to the subject after some time your birkin should get a little softer, it's just developing it's own persona. How do you store your bag? And when your using it how do you store it over night, because if you just place it on a table or on your sofa like most of us that could explain why it's wrinking up. Also, I was told that the proper way to place your bag is in the "laying down position" when your leaving it out overnight
  7. Baggaholic: I stored it right side up for a few days but now I put it to sleep in its sleeper bag and on its bag (not unlike my real baby.)

    Kellybag: I know what you mean by energy. It makes things more interesting, to have a goal, a pursuit.
  8. Hmmm...if I had more funds, more "energy" and "reason" can be mustered. How to raise more funds??? Sugardaddy? Lottery? Inheritance? New job? Only time will tell.
  9. sugadaddy!!

    Let me get off here before DH sees this! ;)
  10. still have it in you. You worked so hard the last few weeks getting those Birkins your body is on a little vacation.

    You were on a mission and you you must rest!