Birkins @ Hermes Duty Free store in Hawaii

  1. Right this minute!!
  2. REally? what does it look like? color? hardware-gold or palladium? size?
  3. wow.. never new duty free stores carry birkins!
  4. btw, sorry i don't know the styles and names! i just know that if you're travelling out of the country and just happen to be there, try your luck. hehe
  5. Duty Free stores in airports cannot carry Birkins or Kellys... but the downtown DFS stores like Waikiki, Guam, Saipan, Singapore, Hong Kong all carries the full assortment!
  6. yes yes DFS that's what I meant or got confused!! sorry! (got the information from a family member flying out of the country, so she text messaged me that)

    Doesn't DFS mean "Duty Free"?
    Got this information from the DFS website: DFS Galleria: Duty Free, Tax Free Shopping
  7. ^^ Im confused.. whats the difference between Duty Free store in airports and DFS??
  8. I'm wondering the same thing!!
  9. Ack, I was there two months ago but they wouldn't let us in since we were visiting from CA :crybaby:

    boy, that would be a treat to find!

  10. Hi there! DFS stands for "Duty Free Shoppers", it's an American group that has built their duty free business to cater for (mainly) their Japanese travelers. Hence when you go to any DFS, most of their staff will speak Japanese.

    DFS is not the only duty free operator there are others... like some that you will find in airports... these locations are usually not permitted to carry Birkins or Kellys (other bags yes), the allocation of these bags usually depends the size of the shops.

    Downtown duty free shops are not common, it's more in Asia.

    Hope this clarifies your question.
  11. Forgot to add... in Hawaii the policy if very strict.. if you don't have a ticket indicating that you have a flight out of the US, you cannot shop at the top (3rd) floor where merchandise are often from Europe... hence you cannot enjoy the tax free shopping. If you can make a purchase, you cannot take it with you.. the item can only be collected when you board your flight (yes they send it to the airport).

    Guam, Saipan and Hong Kong is pretty much tax free (locations) so anyone can buy without any restriction. In Singaopre you can enjoy a little reduction on the GSt which is something like 5% at the airport.

    There are downtown Korean Duty Free shops run by different people, they are also similar Hawaii where the product you purchase cannot be taken and will be sent to the airport if you want to enjoy tax free benefits. Pricing in Korea is pretty high though...

    Of course airports won't have any of the above issues.

    for those who haven't been to DFS Gallerias - they are pretty much like a department stores located downtown (the key ones) and carries all kinds of brands. There are shop in shops inside where they have independent designer shops like Chanel, Hermes, Prada, Gucci etc.
  12. maybe she saw some in the Waikiki location then? she was in hawaii when she saw some. she also said duty free!