Birkins galore in Hong Kong!

  1. Hey guys.. I'm back from my 6 day trip to HK. Nope, I didnt buy any H, I didnt even visit the boutique. I did visit Milan Station though and there were a few birkins/kellys there, but the prices are :confused1: :confused1: I asked about a brand new 30 cm togo birkin (think the color was something greyish) and the price was US 10K something. The SA immediately said that the price is higher than the boutique coz there's a 2 yr waiting list. Whatever, I know there's a waiting list, just dont want to pay such a high mark up :yucky: There was a 35 cm croc birkin too, but I didnt inquire the price coz I dont want a heart attack :s

    Now, on to birkin/kelly sightings.. in our group (I was going with my mom, my aunt and 3 of their friends) 3 of us wore birkins. I wore my 35 cm chartreuse, 1 was wearing a red jpg, and 1 was wearing 30 cm bj ostrich. Our main focus to go to HK was to visit the annual jewellery fair. The show itself was a blast! Got a couple of diamond rings and a jade bracelet, and my mom bought some stones and jewellery too. I gotta tell ya, seeing all those blings made me want to dump Hermes and focus on jewellery instead, LOL! But then I think again and I guess the ideal thing is to have the best of both worlds: Hermes and blings :P

    I saw a lot of birkins/kellys there, 1 was a 35 cm black shiny croc that an Asian lady was wearing. I swear I stared for a good 5 mins to her bag :upsidedown: Another was a 35 cm greyish birkin, then a 32 cm kelly in the same greyish color, a 35 cm tri color birkin, a 40 cm black togo birkin (it was huge!). I also saw a group of ladies of 3 who were wearing a 32 cm fuchsia souple kelly, black jpg birkin, and 1 other birkin that I couldnt remember the color.

    K, that's some mini news flash from HK.. sorry for long post.. thanks if you read this part :flowers:
  2. any pics???? we want to see all the blings and H bags too!
  3. Pazt, I didnt take any pics of the bags I saw, but I will take some pics of the blings I bought tomorrow. The time now is 2AM and I'm logging off in a minute. The blings are nothing glamorous, just some day to day pieces, I'll show you guys tomorrow :smile:
  4. What a fantastic trip! Cannot wait to see pics of the bling- sounds like you had soo much fun!
  5. K, here we go.. thanks for letting me share :flowers:
  6. Fabulous bling!!!! Just beautiful! I am especially drooling over Jade! Anything Jade is just gorgeous! Thank you for sharing with all of us!
  7. Sarahcantiik, beautiful pieces! :nuts: They look good on you.:yes:
    I especially like jade bracelet.:heart: Wear it well!:flowers:
  8. Thanks Jade and Roxanna. I really like the jade as well. This is my 1st jade anyway. I'm still not used to it, it kept bumping to my laptop and made funny noises as I type. I heard in Chinese beliefs (I dunno if this is true or not) that a jade is suppose to bring you good luck and guards you? Anyway, anything that can bring me good luck, I will wear, hehehe.
    I was about to go for a dark green one, but this one caught my eye, it's quite transaparent and has a dash of purple in it.
  9. love the jewelry.... gorgeous..
  10. Gorgeous Sarah! Thanks for sharing! While they're all beautiful, the earrings are TDF!
  11. Congrats! So pretty and thanks for the update! :yahoo:
  12. Gorgeous Bling!!! And what a great story - thanks for sharing
  13. Sarah, oh my goodness! That's some serious bling! Congrats! I love the ring in the 3rd pic! And yes, I've heard that jade is good luck too and I've seen some girls who have the smallest bangles on their wrists when I was in Uni all those yrs ago. They told me that they've been wearing them since they were young girls and haven't taken them off. So, now that their hands/wrists have grown, the only way off is to smash it! Such an interesting story, lol!
  14. girl, those pieces you got are amazing! err theyre not really your average daily pieces!! LOL
    gorgeous and great taste!!! :smile:
  15. GORGEOUS!!!

    I'll be in HK in about a week and I LOVE the title of this thread!