BirkinS from Tokyo

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  1. So excited to review these orange boxes. :P
    Tokyo H 01.jpg
  2. a live one :biggrin:
  3. i am here! :popcorn:
  4. Tokyo H 02.jpg
    Both 30. TC. Blue Abysse and Camel.

    It was such a great experience shopping in Tokyo. :flowers:
  5. wow! congrats on the beautiful purchases!

    did you go to Ginza H?
  6. Here is picture with better natural lighting.
    Morning overcast sun in Tokyo.
    Tokyo H 03.jpg

    This one is from Isetan. I was on my way to get some chocolate and somehow out of curiosity to check out the H store. And *** "THUNDER" ****
    SA show me this one. I was stunned when my DH say "take them" again.
  7. Hi kelly88, yes. a live one. and in colors which I actually like.:smile:
  8. Hi hanyeu,
    pls be patience as I need some time to take pictures and post them.:P
  9. congrats. looking good from what i can see in the small pictures.
  10. Camel is so pretty. One of those h colors that you just wish was around all the time! Congrats and thanks for sharing!!
  11. I went to Taka H first. The SA were all so nice to find and show me bags. Then I went to Ginza on another day and got the blue one. The camel beige one was from Isetan Shinjuku.
  12. Hi flashy stems, THanks. Let me post some more pictures with better lighting.
  13. Congrats!!! ... your bags look amazing!
  14. Tokyo H 04.jpg
    The camel seems to be too pale in this picture.
    The blue abysse appears close to real object.

    The lindy at the back is my traveling bag.
    It is a duo color 34, GP with Etoupe handle.
  15. ?? How can the picture be bigger on the thread ?

    Meanwhile, please click on the "small" pictures to watch the photos. ;)