Birkins from Hermes Singapore

  1. I know this has been discussed in various other threads, but I hope to consolidate some specific information, since there seems to be quite a number of ladies from Singapore on this forum.

    I used to live in London but am now in Singapore. I find myself hitting a brick wall when trying to get a Birkin from the 2 Hermes shops in Singapore. In the end, I bought 3 from various resellers, not so much that I am unwilling to wait, but the option of ordering is completely closed to me. It is definitely also not a question of cost, since resellers charge a hefty premium. It is just that for once, I would like to enjoy the experience of buying from an Hermes shop, rather than receiving the bag from FedEx!

    I am primarily interested in Birkins (in slouchy leather) and also the Trim – I prefer more casual-looking bags, so I am not interested in the Kelly. Nor do I like scarves or any wallets other than bill-folds – and those without any adornment. Therefore, I am finding it very difficult to build up any type of relationship with a SA, simply because the rest of the items do not appeal to me.

    I see that some tPFers seem to be able to place orders, although the waitlist, I am told, is closed indefinitely. Is this because of prior relationships with the Hermes shops? Or is the waitlist closed only for SO and not PO?

    Would it help my chances if I took my reseller Birkins into the Hermes shop? :graucho:
  2. i have the same problem...i don't want to buy from a reseller but i also know what i like and don't like and im starting to get the feeling that i have to buy items from hermes to build a relationship with a SA.
    Maybe in the future my feelings will change but right now i don't like anything they have. Im not into wallets or scarfs or anything else:shrugs:
    so what is left to do??
  3. Heh... find someone who owns the croc Birkin with diamonds, offer to rent it for an hour and bring it to the shops? :rolleyes:
  4. I completely understand your situation. I have bought Hermes from various stores in the past, but since I move alot I never establish a "relationship" with a specific SA. So a Birkin from the store seems like an unattainable goal.
  5. Roxane,
    I'll try in my best ability to give you a satisfactory answer, which hopefully gives you the insights that you require.

    1. Birkins are never offered to walk-ins. This is THE same business model used by many other H stores around the world. You have probably read stories from ladies who scored Birkins right on the shelves, but I can assure you, these are few and far in between. Specifically in SG, NEVER. Well, at least not in the popular sizes of 30cm, 35cm and 40cm.

    2. The H management is always concerned about resellers in this part of the world. And it's frown upon. So Birkins will never be offered to strangers, without any relationship with the store. And if a customer is found to have resold a bag that was from the store, for monetary gains, this customer will be blacklisted. I am not joking. This is the way it is here.

    3. Maintaining a relationship at the store is beyond a Hi and a Bye. It means you have to show your patronage. There are many of us here who just love everything Hermes, and we shop at the stores. We do not hound our SAs for Birkins. When the time is right, our respective SAs will ask very subtly "Can we help you with something you want?". It's not like "Now you are entitled to a Birkin". Not like that.

    4. SG stores do not just cater to just the SG local market but also huge overseas clientele especially from Indonesia. And many of them are VVIPs. No prices for guessing where most of the Birkins go to! They create a serious Birkin drought every season.

    5. There is still a backlog of Birkin orders not fulfilled. And the stores no longe accept new Birkin orders.

    You have specifically mentioned:-

    You have actually foreclosed your outcome with the H stores. Hermes reward regular customers that embrace the whole brand, its lifestyle, its ethos. If it's just Birkins that you're after, sorry to break the news to you, you'll be better off continuing to buy from resellers.

    And to answer your last question if it would help if you bring your Birkins to the store ..... NOPE.
  6. I think MrsS has hit the nail right on all your queries. The demand is simply too high in SG and the stores would only "reward" their customers who love the brand on the whole and not just bags (in some cases birkins only). Sad but true.
  7. Luckily for me I like their scarves, else I'll be finding myself in the same situation as you too.

    Here's a thought, how about buying gifts for your loved ones even if these items don't appeal to you personally? Twillies for ladies, and ties for men, these are relatively reasonably priced. H do good quality silks.
  8. MrsS, thanks very much for your detailed reply – it is enlightening to know how Hermes operates; your help in explaining is much appreciated! :flowers:

    And thanks too, Lyanna Stark, for your suggestion – I am sure I can rustle up a few girlfriends who would not mind an Hermes wallet or two! :graucho: